Amit Shah is in Telangana

Amit Shah is in Telangana

BJP rules in 21 states out of 29 in India It is poised to cross over to power in 27 states by next year Going forward, the shortterm vision of the...

BJP rules in 21 states out of 29 in India. It is poised to cross over to power in 27 states by next year. Going forward, the short-term vision of the party is to achieve 100% states under its rule. It should be possible either on its own or through alliance governments in about 3 to 4 years.

This relentless passion of BJP to govern the entire nation both at the Center and in all States has not risen out of lust for power. The quest for power is risen out of sincerity of purpose to protect and serve India's and Indians interest.

BJP's urge to govern this nation in its entirety rises above the pettiness of family ownership, corruption, nepotism, abuse of power and wilful misgovernance. With no other professionally organised political party in this nation and with almost all other parties being political family enterprises, the onus is on BJP to protect the democratic and secular fabric of this nation.

Being the largest functional democracy in the world, it's quite unfortunate that this country is in this piquant situation even after 70 years of independence that, there is not a single party except BJP, which can claim to be above petty divisive politics to attain power. The history of the party in last 38 years is a testament to this fact.

BJP stands tall as the only party which has real competence to govern, with clear intentions to serve the weakest and the poorest Indian in the political ecosystem of India. BJP is the only legitimate and professionally run organisation, which is not led and driven by selfish interests of a family, fascist individualists or immature cronies with selfish agenda.

As of now, it's only the BJP which can safeguard this nation's constitution, drive the nation towards sustainable and inclusive growth, and protect its integrity and sovereignty. This is how most Indians across the nation aspire and feel today, going by the consistently rising support for BJP leadership year after year across elections in India.

There is no other party which can claim the legitimacy of purpose, clear intentions, uncorrupt governance, galaxy of competent national leadership and the 'nation first' ideology, which BJP inherits from its 38-year eventful political legacy. BJP-led state governments track record across the nation and the current national government's track record exemplify and establish that it's only BJP, which can walk the talk.

Telangana State needs BJP-ruled government sooner than later. Such is the dire need of the people of Telangana. BJP's rise in Telangana State is imminent, it's just a matter of time. Telangana people across the state from different demographics are silently aspiring for massive change, the change only a BJP Government can bring in.

In the recent Jana Chaitanya Yatra led by the BJP State President Dr Laxman across many districts in Telangana clearly exhibited the suppressed opposition against the incumbent TRS government & it's brazen misgovernance. It's not natural that a first time elected government of a regional party lose faith of its own people so easily, as TRS is losing. TRS is fast losing ground purely by its own making & for more than few reasons.

Its incompetence to deliver on the electoral promises, its brazen disregard for democracy, its unparalleled misuse of public funds for personal & party promotion apart from glaring family rule and visible misgovernance.
Telangana is the youngest state of Indian Union. The state is formed after 60-year long struggle for statehood.

Many sacrifices were made & lives lost in the historic resistance for separate statehood from the united Andhra Pradesh. The fight was for equal rights. It was for water, employment& resource, which were being denied in fair proportion to the region of Telangana by very powerful rulers from the merged state of Andhra Pradesh.
The entire movement from 1960's to 2014 was about this region's abject poverty, lack of agricultural infrastructure, lack of developmental funds, lack of employment and issues relating to cultural identity, equal opportunity, freedom of expression to protest.

The reason for such quick loss of faith on the incumbent state government being run by CM KCR is quite clear. He was one of the key protagonist of all the above issues Telangana people fought for, and which they wanted to accomplish after the statehood.

However, their dreams were shattered right since the first few year after attaining complete statehood, by the first elected government of Telangana State. In a rude shock to people, none of the real issues piled up for 60 years are on the agenda of this government, nor did the CM assured that he has a plan to deliver the same during his regime in 5 years. With 4 years of a government behind him, it's only substance less speeches of CM KCR and his unethical political manipulations is what giving a false hope of strength to TRS party.

The speed with which CM KCR and his party TRS has let the Telangana people down has dismayed even his distractors and opposition parties in Telangana State. It’s not easy to slide down so fast in the eyes of loyal followers and voters. TRS party has surely achieved this huge feat very soon through their dismal governance. CM KCR is leading a failed government. He has failed miserably with his incompetence to govern & administer Telangana State. However, he is quite competent at theatre politics. But his lack of administration & governance capabilities has been thoroughly exposed to the people of Telangana State.

Telangana people needed good governance & people centric governance. That's the least they can expect from their first state government, after all the hardships they have faced during the period of struggle for statehood. Telangana people were expecting a government with vision & empathy, which will plan for long-term outcomes and invest into agricultural infrastructure, irrigation, road connectivity, homes for poor, industrial infrastructure, employment through skill development, betterment of education & medical infrastructure.

They were expecting short-term welfare & long term inclusive developmental initiatives to better their living standards. They were hopeful that a separate state would better their livelihood opportunities & fulfil their aspirations of better life than earlier. However, the people of Telangana have been thoroughly disappointed in the last 4 years, with wilful misgovernance by CM KCR.

TRS government led by CM KCR has neither vision nor mission for good governance. His government is 'as ad hoc as it can get'. It fails at basic governance standards & best practices. It's explicitly autocratic and atrociously incompetent to meet the basic aspirations the people & fundamental expectations of a democratic government.

The entire administrative system seems to be dysfunctional with neither legitimate and functional system, process, tasking, accountability nor a reliable review mechanism. The way this government is functioning, it is evident that none of the Council of Ministers is either authorised or competent to make any decisions on their own and hence have zero accountability. The entire government is being literally being run by the CM and just a couple of his family members. No arm and branch of the state government seems to be operating freely by competent authority nor independently without special interest's intervention.

KCR is 'work from home CM'. CM KCR operates from his home not from the state secretariat & most of his ministers follow suit. Most of the administrative officers across departments are clueless on their roles and responsibilities, especially after the disastrous district reorganization which has turned 10 revenue districts into 31, just randomly. It is one of the most unprecedented unilateralism, ad hocism & misgovernance that has rendered this government immobile & disoriented.

The farmers are experiencing a nightmare in the last 4 years of this government. This state has experienced unprecedented number of farmer suicides in its tenure. The lack of crop planning support, lack of marketing support initiatives, failure in monitoring crop yields and lack of fund allocation for extending bonus or other forms of market interventions have caused havoc to the lives of poor farmers in Telangana State. The ongoing distress of farmers is a live example of the colossal failure of TRS Government.

Whether it is education, health, civic infrastructure, city or rural roads, irrigation or agriculture, the state is reeling under severe mismanagement. The new districts are a hog wash & have disrupted even the little evolutionary growth which was naturally due in rural Telangana. Unemployment is unattended to & most of the projected industrial growth is stunted.

People of Telangana, just as in all other states being ruled by these type of family enterprises are aspiring for a massive change, and they want it sooner than later.

BJP stands as the only reliable and legitimate alternative for all those who are fed up of these power monger parties, which have no sincerity in serving people through good governance. Parties like TRS are only behind perpetuity of power through petty political expediency & self-interests. They have no interest nor stakes in upliftment of the poor, deprived, forgotten classes and sections of people.

With the BJP national president Amit Shah focusing on Telangana to drive a muscular political strategy and with the people of Telangana willing to give BJP a chance to fulfil their aspirations, BJP's rise to power to cater to the dire needs of the people of Telangana is a certainty. It's just a matter of time, for a BJP State government in the Telangana State.

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