Secrets to keep spark alive in relationship

Secrets to keep spark alive in relationship

Secrets To Keep Spark Alive In Relationship. A Researcher Has Shared Some Secrets That Can Help You Keep The Spark Alive In A Love Relationship.

Washington: A researcher has shared some secrets that can help you keep the spark alive in a love relationship.
Karl Pillemer, a gerontologist in Cornell University's College of Human Ecology, spent last three years surveying over 800 older people about love, relationships and marriage.
The expert suggested that it is important to maintain a balance between your relationship and work.
What good is a romantic dinner with candles, music, and good wine if your partner's mind is on a fight with the boss or work left undone? Disconnect when you get home from work. According to the experts, staying connected 24/7 to work via your laptop, tablet, or smartphone is one of the biggest romance-killers.
Keep your sense of humor. According to the elders, humor is the great stress-buster. When things in a relationship get tough, joking about them has almost magical properties to bring an out-of-sync couple back into equilibrium.
Don't go to bed angry. Almost everyone happily married 50 or more years recommends that you resolve your differences before you get in bed at night.
They believe there is something just plain wrong about seething with disappointment, resentment, even fury in the most intimate of spaces.

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