5 sex positions to make your partners Birthday Memorable
5 sex positions to make your partners Birthday Memorable

The best gift you can really gift your partner is making the get their Big 0 

Here’s how to make that Birthday sex an experience they will never forget. A Birthday where they get to lay back and relax on their special day.

The Blindfold game for a striptease. 

Any man would be in for this sit them down and blindfold them for striptease. As you each take off your clothes, brush the fabric across their cheek and let them feel each body part you reveal with their mouth or hands. Now straddle their lap and slide them inside you, never let them see you at once as you gave them a front row seat to the best show on earth.

Massage factory:

After a stressful week around their birthday help your partner really wind up. Lit the candles that melts into massage oil and mood lighters. With some added aroma scents. Now take your time and experiment with different sensations, gentle touches, strokes, then use a pop up pillow under the hips and finish a happy birthday hand job.

Pre- birthday pic show 

A day before his birthday tease him by sending your pics as to what lingerie you’ll be wearing to seduce him with a peek of side boob. 

On his big day, right before he arrives wear your lingerie and let him watch you ravish yourself with your hands or vibrator before they can’t stand it anymore and jump in with you. 

Let it be a Gift wrap 

What more surprise one can have when it comes to opening a present. And this is definitely anything more than that. Have them press their hands against the wall and stand behind them: lube your hands and run them over their crotch, alternating hands so it feels like a continual upward motion. Switch to a more intense rhythmic rubbing to get them close to orgasm, then stop just before they do. You can also use a vibrator in them pushing away right at the last second . Continuing the torturous amazing edging Until you hear begging, then give them the incredible release they’ve been waiting for.

Let’s do spooning 

At times the best dec is simple and cozy one. And why not it be the birthday sex? And spooning is wonderfully non fussy in which you’re both comfortable. It feels extra huggy and affectionate and your partner has very easy access to your clit. 

It’s your day! Do as you like goddamn please! And if you’ve been wanting to knock anal off your bucket list this is one of the best positions for the first timers because it so calming.

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