Raise son who respects girls!
Raise son who respects girls!

As a woman and a mother I always wanted to prepare my daughter to survive in this misogynistic world. Along with preparing my daughter, I want my son to be a respectable man. A man who will always look at a girl with respect and treat her equally; a man who will stand against the wrong and teach a lesson the people who do wrong. Those who have never faced any sexual assault or rape have encountered unpleasant experiences, which keep haunting.
There are few tips where we can teach our boys to be a decent man

Tip 1: Stop stereotyping 

When your son cries, don’t tell them to not cry like girls. By doing this we are making them understand that girls are weak and emotional. We are sending a message that one sex has power and the other does not. Instead of teaching boys to be tough, we should discuss their emotional feelings, make them express themselves and understand them. This will help the boys control their feelings and be less aggressive.  A research showed that Men with emotional-regulation problems are more likely to use and abuse substances, which is independently linked with sexual violence, too.

Tip 2: Set boundaries and teach them to follow

It’s a very basic thing to teach our kids to ask permission before they enter your room. But we tend to forget these silly things. We should raise awareness among them that physical safety is very important for every individual. They cannot touch anybody as they like to. Let’s assume if any of your family members are visiting your house, instruct your kids to hug them. But, only after taking their permission. Teach them to make people feel comfortable by asking before doing it, “I would love a hug from you if you would like to”?

Tip 3: Be a role model for your kid

Kids learn more by observing you rather than listening to you. Boys learn a lot from watching how his father treats mother and conflicts are resolved at home. You should set the family standards very high where everyone is treated equally, respected and listened to. He will learn these attributes automatically, you need not teach him exceptionally.  If your child misbehaves make him realize that he is doing a mistake and tell him that if he would have done the same thing to an outsider or schoolmate he would have been taken to the Head master’s room or punished. 

Parents should talk to the child every day it should be a regular activity, we should make them feel comfortable to share their thoughts. Sitting with them twice in a year will not help. 

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