No more lonely!
No more lonely!

Our society has changed a lot over the years more so as concerns the status of women. But even these days the situation of single women is at stake. Society does not trust her and her position in society is in a dilemma. Many women living alone are independent, working, having a brilliant career ahead of them and are financially not dependent on anybody. In spite, of all this, they are looked down in our society especially if they are of a marriageable age. Single women have not found their place in our society and nobody seems to understand their need for respect, their personal contentment with life and their need for space. In people’s eyes, they seem to have missed the bus!

Marriage is one of the most important events in an individual’s life and family members, friends and relatives begin to search a groom or a bride for an eligible spinster or a bachelor. In some ways, marriage might seem to be a social obligation that each person must fulfil in order to be respected. In such a situation it is difficult to digest the fact that a young woman might want to remain single, independent and at the same time happy! Working girls may desire to live independently, create their own comfort zone and lead their lives happily without being pointed a finger at. Our society has changed a lot but in some aspects, the beliefs are still conventional and orthodox. In foreign countries, single women will find survival with dignity and respect easier than in our own country. Sadly, an individual decision or choice is of little significance here. 

The situation seems quite complicated for young unmarried women. Our society must realise that marriage may not be the final goal of every girl’s life. They may have their own priorities in life and perhaps they are still waiting for the right kind of a person to enter their lives. It's time to change!

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