Make your relationship last
Make your relationship last

Don’t fall in love, rise in love…. Together!
Yes, it has to be from both the sides, only then you can make your relationship stronger and have a better bond. You have to embed yourselves in each other thoughts in a positive way.  

Spend quality time
Spend quality time with each other, this may sound not so important but you actually need to make an effort and make it happen. Remember that you discuss others or their problems. This way you might be getting into a problem. 

Communicate better 
Don’t play tricks. If you need or expect something from your partner, please let her/him know about it. It is applicable to both the sides. Avoid creating problems and getting into conflicts. Which may actually lead to big troubles.

Stop blame game
Precaution is always better than cure…. If you have some issue try to sort it out. Don’t blame each other try to find a solution, if it was your mistake learn to accept it and try not to repeat it in future. 

Share responsibility 
Sharing is caring! Always keep in mind that you both make this relationship and you both have to share equal responsibility. The other person is not overburdened and feels sick of the relationship. 

Surprise each other 
Plan for a long ride or a candlelight dinner. Make your spouse feel loved and special. Learn to appreciate the effort put together to make something happen. Don’t forget about your loved one when your shopping for yourself, pick a small gift for her/him too. This will make them feel that you are always there in their thoughts. 

Say thanks and sorry!
It is said no thanks and sorry in a friendship. But I believe these two words can do wonders. When you say sorry it means that you have accepted your mistake and you will not repeat it in future. When you say thank you show how much you are thankful and happy for the gesture another person has shown. While saying these words please maintain eye contact.  

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