6 Ways to Spice up your Relationship interestingly
6 Ways to Spice up your Relationship interestingly

You can keep the excitement crackling and your marriage exciting provided you make the right moves Here are few tips to keep your relationship or marriage fun and exciting 

Show your interest 
It is important to demonstrate your ongoing interest each  other. Take time to smile into each other's eyes. Touch your partner regularly. Little touches keep the magic going. Use each other's names frequently. There is nothing more magical to a persons ears than the sound of his or hers name, especially when abridged to a loving, private version. 

Keep interacting 
Share the little happenings of your day. Call unexpectedly with some happy news or a worry. It is reassuring to know you are the first to spring to your partners mind when happy or in trouble! Read aloud a passage you enjoyed, or pause the movie to discuss  a scene or a character. Find a TV show to watch together. Listen. Talk. Share.

Keep yourselves attractive for each other:
Part of demonstrating interest in each other is keeping yourself well groomed and attractive. And not just in a physical sense. Stay updated, keep the conversation sparkling, cultivate good friends for both of you to hang out with, smile and make eye contact. 

Don't be available all the time 
People are more attracted to the one just beyond grasp. So make sure to have a group of activities and friends exclusive to you. This will ensure that you have more exciting snippets and things to share with each other. Distance at times is critical to maintain an exciting relationship.

Create a private world
To be part of an intimate relationship is a great high. Ensure your intimate world stays throbbing with excitement. Cultivate private jokes and references. Share fantasises and dreams talk about them often. When in company, ensure some private eye contact and share some intimate smiles.

This is it! This is the life! This is your partner 
Most importantly, quit looking outwards wondering if you did the best you could for yourself this is it! So long as you respect and love each other, there is no soul mate or partner waiting beyond the one you already have! If you are able to convince your self of this , you will put in your best efforts and that is all that a relationship requires to be as exciting and fulfilling as you may wish it to be.

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