Sex too: Are you trying to hookup? Will you try this move with your man
Sex too: Are you trying to hookup? Will you try this move with your man

The BOOB Tease -Sex tip, No hands required 

We, women are blessed with two beautiful, If not  two symmetrical parts that we usually reserve for second base. But truthfully I think they’re being underutilized. Today I have a sex tip that will instantly turn run off the mill foreplay into a steamy hookup session you’ll both be thinking about for the rest of the week.

As far as Iam concerned, the general population doesn’t give enough attention to the sexy pregame known as foreplay. And usually foreplay consists of old school sex acts, kissing and the like. But, just for a moment let’s consider introducing girls.

Whether you are a small A or DD, all of us have erogenous zones in our breasts that deserve a little TLC. We all just have a varying degrees of sensitivity. So, next time you are hooking up, take off your shirt and bra or better yet let him, and straddle him while he’s sitting up or lying down. Now slowly start tracing your nipples over his face grazing them along his forehead, across his eyelids and over his lips his tongue slowly touching your tip of nipples when he lingers his tongue over and over this effect will send shivers down your spine and make him crazy thinking of what next. 

Are your breasts sensitive? Will you try this move?

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