New Year's Eve is almost upon us here are the 5 Sexy ways to Ring in the New Year

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   Dec 24,2018 , 02:03 PM IST

New Year's Eve is almost upon us here are the 5 Sexy ways to Ring in the New Year
  New Year's Eve is almost upon us. Lots of people haven't decided what they are going to do and how they are going to welcome the New Year's. others might have planned but they are not really excited about them. The tricky thing about New Year's is the same thing that causes us trouble at Christmas and Valentine's Day expectations. You want the night to be fun and exciting, and if you have a partner, romantic or sexy.

so, here are few sexy ways to ring in the New year's  that say, " Out with the old and in with the new!"

1) why not cook something together: 
New Year's often means going out for dinner. But it can be hard to find a place to go. Restaurants are already booked during the new years eve or they cost you a bomb. Or maybe the two of you can't agree on a restaurant. so why not stay in and cook somethung together? probably somethung you've never cooked before. cooking might seem like a chore. But that's mostly when one other is whining about beign hungry. So why not ring in the New Years by making peace in the kitchen? you will have a chance to work together and learn something new, which is always a great way to get closer.

beign in the kitchen can be very sexy. Feed one another, get close while stirring the pot like the man hugging you from behind and kissing you on your nape of the neck. And there's no reason you can't get into some trouble on your sofa while you're waiting for the time to go off!.

2) Watch each others movies: 
It  may not sound sexy is it? but nothing is sexier than watching someone else enjoy something that you really like. so, maybe he does'nt usually like romantic comedies and may be she's generally a big fan of cowboy epics. But why not settle in for a double feature and give it a go?

3) Do the opposite of whatever you normally do:
if you always go to dinner, stay in. if you always go to a wild party, opt for a romantic dinner for two. If you always do something as a family, spring for a sitter and leave the kids at home. The unexpected is always sexy.

so, give whoever usually makes the plans a break and take the reins yourself. Dont think about what you do love to do each New Year's. Think about what else you could love to do each New Year's. You'll be amazed at what options are out there- and you've likely never given them a second thought before.

4) Go to bed early:
I know. it's crazy. but there's no law saying you have to watch the ball drop. Almost everyone has New Year's Day off work. But sleeping in does'nt count nearly as much if you don't go to bed until the wee hours of the night. So, why not grab your favourite snacks and DVDs, don your sexiest (or comfiest) pajamas and settle in for the night.
you could bright along some toys you've always wanted to try or pop in some porn on the T.V. Or you could just snuggle and doze off in each other's arms. Sexy is all about what feels good. so dont force yourselves to stay up and count down if what you really want is to turn in and pass out-together, of course!

5) Stay the night in  a local hotel:
New Year's can be a  great time for a local vacation. choose a hotel with a great restaurant or one that is within walking distance. You could stay at a romantic bed and breakfast or at a swanky hotel known for its sexy rooms. Some even have mini bars stocked with sex toys and other goodies.

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