Runana bandha is a certain aspect of karma; it is a certain structure of karmic substance. Wherever there is a certain amount of meeting and mingling, some runana bandha is created. Especially when two bodies come together, the runana bandha is much deeper. 

It is a kind of recording in the body, the body is keeping a record of everything that has happened. If intimacy happened with another body, it is keeping a record of that particular kind of energy. Now because the body remembers, if there are multiple partners, the body slowly gets confused over a period of time and this confusion will affect that person's life in a million different ways. 

Another thing is the type of food that you eat. Whenever a little affluence comes, people think they have to eat everything in a single meal. In India, orthodox people never ate more than two or three items in a meal, and those three items were always matched together, not mismatched food. 

People understood the body so well that in our homes, they knew that when they cook a particular vegetable, they will make only a particular kind of curry. When they cook this vegetable, another kind will never be made because traditionally, we understood that if we put this and this together, the body gets confused. 

So these are two major things – people not eating properly and an indiscriminate sense of intimacy with other bodies – which will create a certain confusion on the body level which will take a toll over a period of time. 

If the body gets confused, then you are in deep trouble. In many ways, one of the major reasons for the level of anxiety, insecurity and depression that is going on right now is just that the bodies are confused. Once your body gets confused you will go haywire in so many ways. People are just going nuts without any reason because the body itself is confused. 

This is not on the level of morals. This is not a moralistic reality, it is a certain existential process. Every action has a consequence. If you do certain things with your mind, certain consequences will come. If you do certain things with your body, certain consequences will come. 

These are things that have been deeply understood and life was structured in a certain way around that. Now, in the name of freedom we want to demolish everything and suffer. Maybe centuries later we will realise that this is not the way to live.