Good humans reduce calamities
Good humans reduce calamities

Be a good human first. This will help us overcome problems that the world is facing today. Cultivate strength to first be a good human yourself so that you can, in turn, create more good humans.  No technique, guru, leader, social worker, nor healer can solve problems or work for common welfare unless change happens first in the individual.

Are diseases and other problems any less today than they were before? There is no shortage of healers, Yogacharyas and gurus. Poverty continues unabated, incidents of disrespect towards women are increasing. There is no holistic education. This is because we have not created good humans.

To create a good human, first you have to become a good human. Only then can transformation happen. With good humans, earth receives good vibrations, and calamities are minimised. They happen only due to mind vibration, because we are empowering images such as – ‘I am the greatest social worker, I will get a big award, I will get a Nobel Prize. I am a great writer, I will get the Booker award’. These are all ego-driven, not conducive to creating a good human. I don’t deny that you have to make a living, but don’t forget that salt in vegetable is good; vegetable in salt is not good.

How do you define a good human? A good human is truthful, simple, does not snatch other’s things, nor does he step on other people to get ahead. He is content with what he has, and if he needs more, he works for it, and does not take shortcuts. He is not hungry for popularity. He is natural.

Life on earth is completing its cycle. A quantum leap into the next evolutionary orbit, like cell division, can happen any moment. Transferring from one orbit to another is not prefixed. Satellites in the previous orbit will disintegrate if they are not ready for the quantum leap. Planets travel in their own orbits at a specific distance without colliding with each other. With satellites departing, there is no change in the speed of that planet. Like orbit change could happen in the universe, so too with constantly evolving humans. When the time is ripe to step into another dimension, the consciousness of an evolved human enters into it by being in the same body or leaving that body (death).

Those related to this evolved consciousness have the same niyat, situation, as that of the satellites of a planet. Pure consciousness is welcomed into the new orbit by satellites of that frequency. The ones on the vertical path should not be vain or arrogant. Shastras say that when their collective good karmas are accounted for, they could fall from grace. 

When one is with a truly evolved human, akin to a manifest planet, it is your destiny to be in total surrender or else imbibe the core attributes of that evolved human so that when time elapses and you are not tuned to take the quantum leap with such a master into the new orbit, one can fill the vacuum left by such an evolved person and take the mission forward.

This is the dharma of a tattva jnani, knower of the essence, a spiritual mentor carrying consciousness of the age, as stated in shastras: ‘Yatha pindey, tatha Brahmandey’ -- ‘as is human mechanism, so is the universe’.

Meena Om

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