Jumboking, India's most trusted QSR chain, launched a fun 39 second TVC titled, ‘#KyunkiDilHaiDesi.’

The video film is a fast paced, cricket commentary style, shocking narrative of what happens when a couple go on a date.

Dheeraj Gupta, MD, Jumboking says, “With the T20 World Cup, followed by the IPL, we wanted to connect with our core audience, the youth. This film does that effectively, and shockingly too!”

The film was first released on Facebook, with a shorter version to be released on TV in April 2016.

The Network conceptualized the ad film with a very sharp focus in mind. “Fans of Jumboking are fans of sport too, and cricket in particular. College goers, young working professionals, who consume 70% of their content from mobile. Everyone from MS Dhoni, to Sachin Tendulkar, two very cool cricket achievers have confessed their love for the vadapav. Blending the two was a natural fit,” says Reeta Gupta, Founder, The Network.

Perfectly timed around cricket season, the video is already making waves on Facebook… well, #KyunkiDilHaiDesi! ;)

The campaign is conceptualized and produced by Reeta Gupta, The Network, directed by Tanushri Upadhyay. Shubham Chandana, Bhumika Kapur are the actors in the ad film and the music is by Istipaca Productions, Mumbai. The sound is by Snell Creado and both the voice over and commentary script is by Sushant Sharma.

Video link - http://bit.ly/KyunKiDilHaiDesi