T Shesh Narayan and G Vivekanand
T Shesh Narayan and G Vivekanand

Hyderabad: It was waiting to happen and it did, quite ironically on International Women’s Day. Driven to the wall for quite a while and notwithstanding the staunch denials and defiant postures that have proved no big deal, the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) was rendered rudderless on Thursday with the incumbent big two getting ousted from their position, rather unceremoniously.

In what is seen as a double blow to the Association but comes as music to the ears of the detractors, of which there is no dearth, the Ombudsman Justice (Retd) L Narasimha Reddy in one stroke disqualified president Dr G Vivekanand and secretary T Shesh Narayan.

“A clear ‘conflict of interest’ exists vis-a-vis Sri G Vivekanand, the president of Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA), on account of a commercial contract between M/s Visakha Industries, of which he is a Director, and HCA. He also stands disqualified from holding the office of president of the HCA, on account of his appointment as an Advisor to Government, through G.O.Ms. No.2601 dated 30-11-2016,” reads the order of the Ombudsman.

“Sri T Shesh Narayan stands disqualified on account of his figuring as an accused in the charge-sheets. Both of them shall cease to hold the respective offices from the date of this order. The Vice-President shall act as in-charge President and the Treasurer as in-charge Secretary,” the order says.

The developments have thrown asunder the administrative functioning of the Association as there has been no second rung leadership even as the two were not on talking terms. Insiders point out that they were in a blame-game accusing one another for the mess that was getting piled up. Everyone from former players and administrators to current coaches and seniors were busy filing petitions against the HCA office-bearers.

On his part, as is the wont of any politician, Vivekanand has reportedly struck to the patented ‘I will react only after seeing the copy of the order.’ Many have cried foul as he has been accused of conflict of interest. As things stand, this is bound to intensify into a major crisis as the opponents will pounce on the opportunity and call for fresh elections as the best possible cleansing operation.