Fashion Funda : Problems still loom on weavers

Fashion Funda : Problems still loom on  weavers

Fashion designer Rahul Mishra shares his experience about the weavers in India and says being young is not about the age but it's all about the growth ...

Fashion designer Rahul Mishra shares his experience about the weavers in India and says being young is not about the age but it's all about the growth fa2 Askari Jaffer Rahul was one of the selected designers for 'Fiama Di Wills' show and his theme for the show was 'Be Young'. He presented an impressive line of innovative laser cuts and unique silhouettes, and not to forget those embellished eyebrows.
fa3You have been selected as 'Fiama Di Wills' designer for autumn-winter 2013. How was the experience?
The selection is usually done carefully after looking for consistency in terms of the growth graph of the designer and his brand. There are few factors like if the brand is available all over India, how the brand is associated and with whom. Right now my brand is present in every city of India. Like last year, we did a fashion show at Taj Falaknuma, Hyderabad. 'Fiama Di Wills' is a young oriented brand their theme is 'Being Young'. They want somebody who has potential to grow since they they are growing too.
What was the biggest challenge you faced while working with Indian textiles?
The biggest challenge was to motivate the weavers. Their exquisite work has been neglected over the years and to gain their confidence was not easy. One has to make them believe that their work will be appreciated and the demand for their work will increase along with their income. Any memorable experience while working with Indian textiles that you would like to share?
Three to four years back when I was shooting for National Geographic Channel, I visited a weaver's home with Aamir Khan (he was promoting his movie 3 Idiots) in Chanderi village, Madhya Pradesh. You wouldn't believe, but around five to six members of a family were living in a tiny hut; there was barely enough place to move around. Their economical condition was quite deplorable. So I asked one of them to work with me and I opened a bank account for that person. Today, he has his own company and a car and he is a vendor now. Today, besides me, he coordinates with many with other designers.
Despite increasing usage of handlooms, the status of weavers is same. What do you have rto say about this?
As a designer I can't take the responsibility of all the five thousand crore weavers in India. I am too small to change the entire scene. Actually I am still trying to help the Indian handlooms in my own way. But the government and people also should come forward to help the weavers. What's the concept behind 'Be Young'?
'Be Young' is not just about people in 20s or 30s. I say being young is all about growth. When you are young you want to take risk but still you want to grow and learn at the same time. That's what my collection is all about. It portrays the strength of boldness, confidence, indulgent, free spirited woman who is modern in every outlook and enjoys an ageless appeal. What is young India looking for according to you?
They want to convey that they are strong. Young India is all about learning and experimenting. They want to try something new. It's all about what do you want. All youngsters want to go abroad but they still want to represent India. Do you think the 80's fashion era is back? More than 80's fashion, I feel 50's and 60's style is back because fashion is a cycling process, it comes back with a contemporary touch. What is the best way to wear your geometric patterns? It's very simple you can wear it any time. It is not difficult as your personality is yours. If you are trying to be somebody then you can't wear them.
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