Married life is great

Married life is great

This has been an exciting phase in my life and I am extremely happy and savouring every bit of it says actress Sneha who is now the brand ambassador...

This has been an exciting phase in my life and I am extremely happy and savouring every bit of it says actress Sneha who is now the brand ambassador of Kellogg's Chocos

sn2Askari Jaffer

It's been a very long time since we have seen you in Telugu film after 'Rajanna'? I have been reading many scripts. I want to do films that excite me and it would be great to stick to meaty substantial roles. So, currently I am waiting for the right script.

It's been more than a year since you have been married; has marriage brought any change in you? Marriage has been a great journey of exploration. While learning new things about my husband, I am also learning things about myself that I never knew! In a nutshell, there have been only good changes and I am very happy to accept them. I am extremely happy and savouring every bit of it. My husband, Prasanna, has given me a lot more freedom. I love my work and love to travel. And that's what I am doing currently.

Tollywood hardly knows about your love story! During the making of the Tamil film, AchamunduAchamundu, we became good friends. Later we realised we were actually in love. We spoke to our parents, got their consent and got married. To narrate the whole story, we would need to do a separate interview!

Does this mean it is a break in your career? Most actors take a break from acting after marriage, I was always keen to keep my passion going and did not intend to take a break. It has been great working across films and ad-films post marriage as the learning and experience for me is something that I would not like to miss out on. And I have been quite lucky as well. My Tamil film, 'Haridas', is doing well and my work has been widely appreciated. I have also won a Nandi Award for my role in 'Rajanna'. I am keen on doing strong meaty roles. I am also particular that my work should not affect my marital bliss. So, have become more choosy.

You developed a girl next door image in Tollywood. Did that prevent you not from doing glamour roles or for producers to cast you in glamour roles? Right from the start, I was very clear that I will stick to only non-glamorous roles that people can relate to. I have diligently stuck to my decision. I am happy with my decision because after all these years, I am still going strong and busy with work, thanks to my de-glam image.

Any interesting projects in Telugu? I am currently discussing scripts and nothing has been firmed up yet. I will be sure to announce it once things are confirmed

Will we get to see the husband and wife jodi in Telugu? At this point there are no such plans, but perhaps in future.

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