Inner Realm : Logic and experience

Inner Realm : Logic and experience

Your logical thinking is the way it is simply because of the social situations in which you have lived. Because you have come up in certain...

in2Your logical thinking is the way it is simply because of the social situations in which you have lived. Because you have come up in certain situations, you have gathered a certain type of thinking and a certain type of information in your head with which you think. Or in other words, what you call as logical mind is mostly somebody else's mind, not your mind. It is a collection of nonsense which you are trying to make sense out of � today you think in one way but tomorrow you think in a completely different way.

Today you can argue for something but tomorrow you can argue against the same thing depending upon what identifications you take. This happens because thought is very illusory, in the sense that your thought is guided by what you are identified with. If you get identified with yoga you will argue for yoga. If you get identified with something else you will argue against yoga. And both the times you really believe you are in truth.

So thought is very deceptive because it is not yours. It is an accumulation from other people. But experience that happens in your system cannot be created by somebody else. It happens. It is much more intelligent to trust your experience than your thought. What you truly experience within you is not influenced by somebody else; it is yours. If you are creating and imagining it, that's different. But simply � whether you are willing or not willing � if something happens to you, that is true, isn't it?

Experience and thought seem to be in conflict because the experiential dimension within you opens up that aspect in the existence which is not logical, but thought only gives you access to that aspect which is logical. Can you fit the whole existence into logic? No you cannot. So many things are contradictory. There is no way you can think this life out. The more you think, the further away from life you are becoming. If you become too much of a thinking person, you will see you are no more a part of anything around you. You will become a separate island.

You can only be with life if you feel and experience life. If you "think" life you will move away from it and destroy the possibility of knowing what is true. Does going away from truth seem like intelligence or stupidity? The problem is the logical mind makes you believe you are being very intelligent by denying everything. Logic will win arguments so it looks better but it is not so. The very purpose of life is to live it and know it. So what happens in your experiential dimension is much more important and of a higher intelligence than logic.

Sadhguru, a yogi, is a visionary, humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader ,

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