Short Takes

Short Takes

There was a time when filmmakers shied away from releasing films during the IPL. Gradually film folks have accepted that the show must go on and they...

There was a time when filmmakers shied away from releasing films during the IPL. Gradually film folks have accepted that the show must go on and they cannot be pushing releases for all that happens in politics, sports and the state. It was an interesting week with the old and the new 'Chashme Badoor' releasing in the same week and both arousing curiosity. short1Neetu and Rishi Kapoor began shooting for their second film together 'Besharam' and clicked on the sets like a house on fire. Actor Jeetendra who revolutionised entertainment more than a decade ago, turned 71. Jaya Bachchan turned 65 and celebrated a quiet birthday with friends and family. Novelist, screen writer, two-time Oscar winner, Booker winner, Indian English writer Ruth Jhabwala who did many films with James Ivory- Ismail Merchant Productions, passed away at her residence in Manhattan. She was 85 and finally, YRFilms announces 'Mardanee 'with Rani Mukherjee to be directed by Pradeep Sarkar.
Wrong Choice-Right Actor
Ajay Devgan was the thinking woman's hero for the last two decades. Starting with 'Phool aur Kaante' in 1991 the actor won his first national award for 'Zakhm' (1998) and later for 'The Legend of Bhagat Singh' in the year 2002.A favorite with all his filmmakers, Ajay was repeated by Ram Gopal Varma, Prakash Jha and Rohit Shetty because they found him a dependable actor. His worst film so far has been Ramgopal Varma Ki 'Aag' and now 'Himmatwala' and both these films are remakes. Moral of the story: Ajay must not star in any further remakes in future TV shows for men only.
Move over ladies as the men take control of the television remote! That entertainment on television in India is designed largely to meet the tastes of the Indian women is a well known fact, but this is all set to become a myth with the launch of India's first and only dedicated male entertainment channel, BIG RTL THRILL appropriately called 'Action ka Baap'. The Channel features the best international action content dubbed in Hindi stars Arhaan Behl of 'Fear Factor � Darr se Takkar' fame. What is interesting is that the channel is truly macho and offers more than just thrills to the male audience. There are reality shows with a difference, action series, wrestling shows, extreme sports, game shows and action films that will keep the guys glued to the small screen. 'Cobra 11 Highway ke Rakhshak' for instance is an action series featuring a highway patrolling team comprising two men who solve crimes on drugs, robberies and more. The show which has an excellent blend of suspense and action is distributed across over 100 countries globally. Then Criss Angel � 'Magic ya Sach' � is viewed by over 100mn people each season across 90 countries which is running six seasons and over 100 episodes. Host of the show Arhaan Behll was clearly excited "I am thrilled to be a part of something that is about to create history in India. I have been an avid watcher of the show and confident that we will improvise the concept to appeal to our people."
Now a Drama School
Actors are a hungry breed and no matter how good, there comes a time when the best needs guidance, says Jehan Sam Manekshaw and Tasneem Fatehi founders of Theatre Professionals who launched a theatre training, education, and professional capacity-holding workshops way back in 2008. It was attending a workshop here that Kalki Koechlin nursed a dream before she became a diva in 'Dev D' and director Rakesh O Mehra recommended his actor Kunal Kapoor to train before the shoot of 'Rang De Basanti'. Come July 1 and the duo is all set to back more hungry actors with the launch of India's answer to world class drama school which brings faculty members trained from across the world, together with masters from the deepest traditions of Indian theatre - The Drama School in Mumbai. The goal is to formally train acting hopefuls and effectively equip them towards a professional career in theatre and the creative industries. India has an inseparable relationship with the stage and the screen, but for the number of film acting schools we have in Mumbai and outside, there have been very few professional theatre schools. Over the last five decades, for many who have a strong desire to pursue a career in theatre, access to formal training has been practically impossible, either limited seats at the National School of Drama, or other similar courses abroad. The venue for the school - Marathi Sahitya Sangh in Girgaum � is a stroke of destiny. It was here in the 1950's that seeds of Marathi theatre were sown and the aim of Drama School is to initiate the best step in that direction. Paani Project to watch out Imax and YRF have come together to announce an expansion of their partnership to release 'Paani' as well as an additional Yash Raj Films motion picture to Imax theatres across India and other key markets. The agreement brings the total number of films included under the expanded partnership to three, the first of which is the upcoming action thriller 'Dhoom 3', which will open in Imax theatres this winter. Aditya Chopra, chairman of YRF said he hoped that the partnership will usher a new era in Indian movies. The soon to be launched 'Paani' is based in a future world where countries will be warring over water. Water is now owned by International Corporations who use thirst as a weapon of control. In one such future city, a young love story breaks all the rules and in the ensuing war, water flows back to its people. The film will have a strong Indian and Western star cast, headed by a young leading actor from India and a young leading actress from the west. To be produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Shekhar Kapur 'Paani 'will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX experience, to be shot in India and overseas with music by none other than AR Rahman.
Kailash goes Sufi
Kher is known more as a folk singer but his heart always belonged to spiritual songs and now his dream has come true. In a first of its kind Kher teams up with Madhya Pradesh's Prahlad Tipanya to sing Kabir Vani. Kher is delighted that his band by Malwa has invited him for a subject of his interest and calls it a kind of divine intervention for his life and career.
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