Trekking the tracks to Cherrapunji

Trekking the tracks to Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji has one of the most beautiful and exciting trekking routes in the country today Shillong, the abode of clouds, is an incredibly...

Cherrapunji has one of the most beautiful and exciting trekking routes in the country today waterShillong, the abode of clouds, is an incredibly graceful and beautiful valley of enchantment and green harmony.A The pine groves, the breeze, gentle hills, the lanes and by lanes have an exquisite beauty of dreamlike quality�..This pine trees-clad township is at about 5000 ft. above the sea level in the cradle of the Khasi hills. The late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi had very thoughtfully said, "While it grows, as it must, we should ensure that it does not lose its special beauty and its tranquil harmony." Even though Shillong has transformed into one of the fast growing small towns, with the hustle-bustle of daily life, it has definitely retained its natural beauty, standing tall in its entire splendor. There are many nature lovers and adventurists who have explored and gone deeper into the valley, discovering routes, age old traditions, natural heritage and people having warm hearth and warmer hearts! Such is the lifestyle of this enchanting valley�.Thousands of tourists visit Cherrapunji each year to get a glimpse of nature at its best. An excursion along the David Scott track is what is the highlight of a trip to Cherrapunji.
It is also famous for its living bridges. Many trekking teams reach Shillong via road from Guwahati or also take the Helicopter service to Barapani and by road then on. Many resorts and Hotels are available suiting every budget. A trip to Cherrapunjiis something that is not to be missed once in Shillong. Many tourists and trekking enthusiasts visit Cherrapunji, trekking the hills and walking along the trails��.. Most tourists prefer to do their trekking as teams, setting off with their trekking tents, sleeping bags, First-aid kits, umbrellas, raincoats, ready to eat food packets, instant tea and coffee bags and chocolates for the villagers and children they met en-route! Be sure to befriend many! The trekking team can start from lower or Upper Shillong, following the David Scott Trail from Mawphlang and Lad-Mawphlang, reaching their destination, Cherrapunji. Says Wing Commander Narendra Verma, who has visited Shillong several times to explore the magic of trekking to Cherrapunji, "Cherrapunji has one of the most beautiful and exciting trekking routes in the country today. My trekking team has had a life-time experience while trekking from Shillong to Cherrapunji. It was our unique interaction with the local people that was noteworthy and the highlight of this entire trip. The excursion was planned with an objective to have a cultural interaction and to cultivate healthy civil-military relations. We not only followed the David Scott Trail, which is about two hundred years old, but our trekking was also within the interiors of this route. We were amazed to see small villages in the middle of no-where! The localites were extremely happy to meet us and their hospitality gladdened our hearts! We greeted each other with 'Kubeli' meaning 'Namaste'. We relished the refreshing cups of 'Dishasaw' or the 'lal- chai' and the local biscuits. We also had 'putharo' made out of rice. The response from the local villagers was what was heartwarming! Even a little boy of five years, would stop on his way, wave and smile at us!" Well, the ideal way to start your trekking expedition to Cherrapunji would be to reach Mawphlang. One would encounter here some of the best schools of the region, like White Orchid, Little Flower, RCLP School, Govt. LP School and Singhasi School. One could employ guides here too to accompany you ahead. The next stop would be Lad-Mawphlang. During local festivals, one could encounter many villagers here, tapping their feet away on various Hindi and Khasi songs! They even perform the bamboo dance. It is best to night camp at Lad-Mawphlang to absorb the tranquility around� The next day, the trekking track would take about four hours to lead you towards Sohra, Cherrapunji to Flag-in. Apart from the beautiful and picturesque view, the fine weather and the heart-warming receptions, one would see some priceless structures and places. Your trekking trip will be truly successful with the inter-personal interaction with the local people of this amazingly beautiful valley! Adventure, beauty and wonder, all rolled into this one trekking trip!
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