Arty affair: The perfect Kopie

Arty affair: The perfect Kopie

Arty Affair: The Perfect Kopie. We’ve all witnessed our favourite stars being immortalised in the form of wax dolls at Madame Tussauds.

We’ve all witnessed our favourite stars being immortalised in the form of wax dolls at Madame Tussauds. And we have secretly wished and wondered if there was a possibility of the same for us. But the journey to become a celebrity is a lot of hard work and then the journey to a wax figure is another Herculean task.

There must have been other times when you wished to give the perfect gift to someone you love but deciding on it must have been a toil. You are ready to shell out money but the choice of the special present remains a mystery.

Well, to clear both of those concerns, here’s a single destination. ‘The Ultimate Kopie’, a Puducherry-based business venture has not just brought something very new to the customisable gifts market of India but has also revolutionised the concept of replica making, an art that has been existent for nearly 200 years now.

Started by Avleen Kaur, the venture specialises in making life-like porcelain dolls with attention to facial details. “The idea struck me when my husband gave me a memorable gift for our first wedding anniversary – a miniature version of him and me in a tuxedo and white wedding gown respectively. I really loved it and was so touched. Later, I wondered why we couldn’t start something of this sort in India,” shares the 28-year-old.

The idea became a business when some research online showed that India was yet a baby in terms of the industry. “Well, that’s how we began. It was a tough start as convincing people about the idea wasn’t easy. Our prices are high no doubt, but the quality is assured at the same time and moreover it is a unique product too,” she explains.

A customised replica of a single person costs Rs 4,500 (approximately 18 cm in height). A similar couple replica costs Rs 9,000. With dresses and poses as you wish, these are a hot favourite to recreate special moments. However, they also have pre-moulded options with custom-made faces and if one goes for them, they are available at a cheaper price of Rs 7,500 to Rs 8,500 and are sized at around 12-20cm for a couple.

Interestingly, The Ultimate Kopie doesn’t promise to deliver your goods in a short time. “For us, the quality of work is the prime focus. Most of our customers ask us to finish the work in a short time. But I tell them that it will take us a minimum of 25-30 days. We do take express requests where we can deliver in 15 days, but I don’t like the idea because it puts unnecessary pressure on my artists,” says Avleen.

“Since we use porcelain, it is really a long procedure. It involves moulding, baking, colours and a lot more. Before all this, once the facial features are carved, we show them to our customers who suggest changes if necessary. So there’s approval involved too. This whole process cannot happen in a short time span,” she avers.

With their creations ideal for gifting during birthdays, wedding anniversaries or any other special occasion, they are fast gaining in popularity as that one present everyone will love. All you need is a high resolution photograph of the model you want!

Pranita Jonnalagedda

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