The digital target

The digital target

Today, digital marketing has taken a stake of close to 30 per cent of the advertising spends. The key element that has triggered this change is the...

With technology breaking new frontiers every day, digital marketing and advertising has noticed a decent growth in the past three years

Today, digital marketing has taken a stake of close to 30 per cent of the advertising spends. The key element that has triggered this change is the cost of digital marketing, which are several folds less than outdoor advertising. Also, digital adverts are trackable, more effective and more targeted.

Speaking of digital advertising, one of the biggest platforms for digital advertising, today, is Facebook.The very fact that Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with over a billion monthly active users makes it the biggest medium.

Also, the way Facebook ads work changes dynamically. If one closely observe, they will notice that Facebook prefers permission marketing over interruption marketing. One may argue that Facebook ads start off with interruption, but the later stages involve permission marketing.

Instead of just bombarding a random person with ads of products that are irrelevant to him, Facebook uses its database to target ads to the suitable target audience. That’s the power of permission marketing that Facebook is cleverly leveraging.

Facebook adverts are effective even because they are placed in the stream of information that people view, increasing the chances of engagement. And the adverts are more than just persuaders; they can direct people to your store, make them order your products, book tickets, etc all through a simple ‘call for action’ button.

By starting advertising at as low as Rs 100, one can reach to a decent number of people- that’s the power of digital marketing. Boosting the pajama party in India

One of the largest internet-first brands Bewakoof had a mission to reach out to people, who viewed its pajama section without purchasing, and drive them back to the website. The campaign’s goal was to boost sales,

construct brand loyalty among consumers and achieve 15 per cent lower cost per acquisition than the traditional marketing media. To achieve all this, it started sharing photo ads that featured humorous and quotes and memes (hence, using the type of content young audience likes), with updates on the products.

To cater to aesthetically inclined audience, Bewakoof spent most of its brand and capital on coming up with quirky and visually appealing creative. This was just the first phase, the pre-production period.

Now, the challenge was to reach out to the target audience and that’s where Facebook comes into the picture. It helped them cater to the target audience, which proved to be very effective in building the brand, boosting sales and most importantly- reaching the right audience and engaging with them.

Post the success of the campaign, Bewakoof’s head of marketing Abhimanyu Mishra said, “Facebook has been one of the most cost-effective and impactful marketing partners we’ve ever had.” Bewkoof further plans to massively ramp up its marketing spend on Facebook.

Digital marketing is hence an essential tool of advertising effectively. However, presuming that outdoor and traditional advertising may soon fade out would be absurd. Watch this space to know why digital advertising can’t replace traditional advertising, and why is it worth the handsome price.

By:Tushar Kalawatia

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