Drape shape

Drape shape

Women look elegant and chic when they adorn a saree. However, draping a saree can be a herculean task. While the saree may not be the preferred daily...

Women look elegant and chic when they adorn a saree. However, draping a saree can be a herculean task. While the saree may not be the preferred daily wear anymore, but it still remains the classiest style statement to make for a special event. But only if you can carry it off well, and for that, you must wrap it with élan.

Now mastering the task of styling is not enough with designers and with Bollywood playing around with the saree, the simple rules are not simple anymore. “I found it an interesting concept that was so fascinating that I thought of taking it up as a profession.

Other people said, ‘Dolly pagal hai, yeh bhi koi profession hota hai kiya?’” says Dolly Jain, who has done just that - mastered the art of the drape in around 325 styles. Dolly Jain is certain that beauty lies in the manner in which the saree is draped.

“The entire beauty of a saree depends on the drape. I don’t work during the usual hours that people work. I take a fabric and start draping it. Suppose the drape falls well, I take a picture and that becomes a new drape. I prefer handloom sarees more than any other,” adds Dolly.

Having helped people drape sarees for almost a decade now, she has almost lost count of the number of people whose sarees she has draped. But why does she like to drape sarees? “I got married into a family where the saree was the only outfit I was allowed to wear! That is the reason I thought I should wear it in a stylish way,” she shares.

Many models, artistes, film stars and brides all over the world have been dressed by Dolly. “I draped for Yukta Mukhy, Diya Mirza, Tanushree Dutta, Kangana Ranuat, Lara Dutta. Recently I draped sarees on Arpita Khan during her wedding at Taj Falaknuma; Hema Malini aunty, Saleem aunty and other celebrities were also present, and I draped for them too,” she adds.

For her, the great challenge is in convincing youngsters. “Today’s generation don’t like to wear saree. They say ‘behenji dikenge.’ We are adopting the Western culture but I would like Westerners to also adopt our culture,” she explains.

She can drape a saree in almost all the styles like Gujrati, Bhopali, Rajasthani, Bengali, Assamese, Lehenga style and even the 9-yard saree. Apart from these, Dolly has invented new styles like hip-hop, tight-fit, fish-style half-mumtaz and many more.

She has travelled to many states in the country to learn the art of the drape specific to that location, and to interpret it in her own style. Isn’t it an unusual profession to be a saree draper, though? “It is unusual only because everyone takes a saree for granted.

Saree draping is an art for me. One can wear a saree without a petticoat but instead it can be worn over jeans, leggings or over a long skirt and cropped top,” she says with a smile. Celebrities who look the best in a saree according to Dolly are, “Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty look pretty in a saree. When it comes to Kanjivaram sarees, Rekha tops the charts.”

Dolly’s saree essentials:

The blouse should be a perfect fit

Always keep the occasion in mind while selecting a saree

Always use clips to hold the pleats

Use double lock pins that are readily available in the market

Most importantly, the pins should not be visible

By:Askari Jaffer

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