Feed the brain

Feed the brain

All of us have been chased by our mothers with a handful of nuts around our exams, with them exclaiming how we would never pass and will develop...

With exams round the corner, boost your children’s memory with good food

All of us have been chased by our mothers with a handful of nuts around our exams, with them exclaiming how we would never pass and will develop amnesia during our paper if we do not eat those few almonds, along with an array of other nuts. Well, mothers are right about those nuts as they are excellent for the brain. As we get older many of us start becoming forgetful. But it does not have to be this way.

Brain foods are those that boost the memory and fat plays a very important part in memory and recall. Your brain is basically nothing but a lump of fat, and in order to enhance it, you must eat healthier fats. For this reason, zero fat diets are a disaster for brain function. Importantly, one needs to stock up on healthy Omega3 fatty acids as well as fat from cow’s ghee and coconut.

Cow ghee: Promotes memory and intellect. Ghee is the most ancient and satvik food and is one of the most ideal of fats as it does not burn easily. Omega3 fatty acids: Found in walnuts, flax seeds and oily fish. In fact, all seeds and nuts will are beneficial for boosting memory and brain power. Almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts contain lots of essential oils and fats that are of good quality. Thus, snacking on nuts and seeds such as pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and safflower seeds help.

Coconut: Have you marked that some of the best brains are from the people who live in the south of India and one thing common in their diet is coconut in the form of curries, chutneys, coconut sprinkled in their food or cooked in coconut oil.

Water: Brain requires oxygen and drinking plenty of water ensures this. All nutrients and electrolytes need water for absorption if any of them are low; the messages sent by the nerves to and from the brain are impaired.

Caffeine-Latest studies show that caffeine improves memory. Sources where caffeine can be found – green tea, black tea, red tea, coffee and cocoa powder. Flavonoids in cocoa increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain, says a study conducted recently in the US.

Antioxidants: Another extremely important set of foods that prevent degeneration of memory are those that contain antioxidants. Pile up your plate with fresh greens and vegetables of every colour – the more brightly coloured, the better. The brain especially loves green leafy veggies.

Natural sugars: Man’s natural instinct is to crave sugar, and natural sugar is needed by the brain. However, today, we supply it with all the wrong kinds of nutrient-robbers. We are supposed to fulfill its cravings using fruits. Fruits provide instant, natural sugar and are a quick and safe way to boost brain power as well as supply with antioxidants.

Additionally, your brain also needs appropriate vitamin and mineral levels in order to function at its memory’s optimum. You need B vitamins, zinc, niacin and folic acid. Once again, these are mainly available in vegetables, fruits as well as nuts and seeds. For zinc, you should have pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and cashew nuts.

A good tip to remember is – to improve your output; you must improve your input. So this time you have your exams do not wait for mother to chase after you with the nuts. Have them yourself and surprise her!

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