The word bacteria generally conveys a negative connotation. Yes there are bad bacteria, but there are good bacteria too! And they have a lot to do!

Healthy soil contains a large percentage of good bacteria which manufacture many essential nutrients for the plants to grow, and in turn provide nutrition to us. Bacteria are also the world’s greatest recyclers, as they break down dead and decaying matter. Imagine if they were not there, all dead trees, animals, birds, insects etc would not be gone!!

In the human body, friendly bacteria ensure our intestines function efficiently and also produce acids which curb the multiplication of bad bacteria. They also help in lowering cholesterol, beating belly fact, boosting one’s immune system, protecting the gut and preventing yeast infections.

However good bacteria can be easily destroyed by countless factors. It’s when the balance topples, with bad bacteria taking over, that we experience the signs of tiredness, chronic constipation, bloating and other digestive issues.

In fact Vitamin B12 is manufactured by bacteria too! Today due to our super-hygienic lifestyles, we have B12 deficiencies. It’s the pesticides and chemicals that are present in our fruits, vegetables and grains,  that are poisonous to us, not the bacteria! 

So the best solution would be to focus on strengthening our immune system with the right diet, rather than fighting the bad bacteria.

5 ways to ensure you maintain your Probiotics

  • Avoid Antibiotics
  • Consume fermented foods such as plant based yoghurts, khimchi, miso soup, fermented pickles, idlis and  dosas
  • Eat organic 
  • Say no to GM foods 
  • Be stress-free 
By:  Dr Nandita Shah