Start writing!

Start writing!

Let me start with my bragging rights to earn your trust. I-'ve been a writer/blogger for over 12 years now, I-'ve answered over 300+ questions on...

How to be a writer/blogger. No motivational talk, here is an action plan that works

Let me start with my bragging rights to earn your trust. I've been a writer/blogger for over 12 years now, I've answered over 300+ questions on Quora and written over 100 professional articles/books.

Writing is super fun and I've come across several, who always wanted to be a writer/blogger. So here is my take on that. It all boils down to the "Art of Start".

No tips, hacks, or motivation-filled paragraphs. Let me give you a 1.5-month plan to do what you want to do. Here's what you do:

Week 1: Microblogging for warm up. Start with microblogging. Give yourself an achievable target of writing five tweets per day on a topic of your choice. Now, either you pick a topic or decide that you are going to blog about personal things/events. Start reading bloggers in your space. Read five blog posts on "Medi um" of the topic(s) of your choice. You are not writing for an audience. You just tweet because you want to put something out in the world.

Week 2: Content refurbishing for launch. Start writing your first set of blogs. Of the 35 blog posts that you read last week, pick five of your favourite posts. Write five actual Medium story/blogs that summarise those five blogs posts you read last week. Your blog post isn’t going to be ‘new’ content, it is going to be ‘refurbished’ content. This will help you structure your thinking and understand your writing style. And actually, write your first set of blogs.

Week 3: Privately blog for fun, not for advertising in your network. You've done your warm up. Write three blog posts a week. Make them ~100 words each. Don’t write essays yet, because you’ll take a lot of time and you’ll make a lot of mistakes, and most people don't get quick wins from their writing journey, so they quit. Take exactly two days to write and publish your blog post.

And, don’t broadcast it or advertise it to your friends YET, some may pass demotivating comments and you might think, you aren’t built for blogging and you might just quit blogging. That’s why it is good to keep your blogs private for the first few months.

Week 6: Blog and share it with your network to get an audience. After the five weeks of microblogging, content refurbishing, and private blogging; you will see quality write-ups from your end as you have already written ~10 blog posts. Congrats, go ahead and share them as best as you can to build an audience.

Continue writing for fun even if you don't have an audience. Use hashtags, and post on forums for like-minded people to connect with your content. Good luck. Wish you the best.

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