Wardrobe hacks for urban homes

Wardrobe hacks for urban homes

Urban homes demand for compact, smarter and low maintenance furniture which does not clutter the space. Organising and maintaining a wardrobe is the...

Urban homes demand for compact, smarter and low maintenance furniture which does not clutter the space. Organising and maintaining a wardrobe is the most difficult and time consuming task. Nothing makes life peaceful than a tidy and well-organised wardrobe

Choose a wardrobe that works for you and you are not spending too much time trying to organise it. Here are a few tips to organise your wardrobe. His and hers: The wardrobe of the master bedroom is usually much larger than in any other room, which gives better opportunities for more compartments and sections in the wardrobe. Couples can use smart internal configuration to ensure each partner gets not just a designated section for themselves but for each item in their wardrobe. Example, a section for tie, belts, socks and handkerchiefs. A section for scarfs, westerns and other accessories and so on so you clearly divide the wardrobe between ‘his’ and ‘her’.

Mirror wardrobes: Having mirrored wardrobes can have advantages both in terms of functionality and the look. Mirrors make any room look larger, it reflects the natural light, thus add brightness and dimension to the room and make it feel airier and spacious. Full length mirrors in the wardrobes also help a lot of people make quick decisions, instead of running to the dresser, this addition makes it feel as though everything is right there for you! And not to forget the fact that you might also end up saving that space for the mirror somewhere in the room.

Bigger depth wardrobes with planned internals: Indian attires need special functionalities in the wardrobes. Thick shawls, heavy lehangas and embroidered sarees means, we need racks with a lot of depth, a separate space to hang sarees, a section for those expensive suits/sherwanis or even those crisp shirts for men. The provision of planned internals for saree racks, trousers racks, suits and ties help decongest and keep it organised not to mention maintain your expensive clothes well and keep the daily wear and the occasion specific party clothing separate.

Lighting and sensor: When it comes to wardrobes, people mostly talk about the space utilisation and aesthetic factors. But your wardrobe is definitely incomplete without a proper lighting system. Lights outside and sensors inside not only lift the chic look of the wardrobe but provide better visibility to the farthest corners of the various pull out drawers, baskets and racks helping find things more easily at night without disturbing anyone else who might be in the room or even during the day in some cases.

Wire baskets: Most of us don’t immediately think of these when deciding the design of our wardrobes but users come back to say It is a brilliant addition in any wardrobe. With the wire basket, all wardrobes are equipped to act like a self-organiser for smaller things apart from the storage. Installation of pull out wire basket is the best option as this system offers a great solution for storing difficult items like waist belts, socks, underclothes, in a systematic manner and makes it easily accessible.

It also helps in maintaining hygiene in your wardrobe as the wire baskets permits air flow. When necessary, one can even keep the basket outside under the sun with its contents and fix it back when done thus avoiding any unpleasant odour that some stored clothing might have or avoid damp in the rainy seasons.


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