Inspiring Togetherness!

Inspiring Togetherness!

Unlike two decades ago, today’s savvy consumers have unlimited choices for any particular product/service. With consumers becoming increasingly...

Unlike two decades ago, today’s savvy consumers have unlimited choices for any particular product/service. With consumers becoming increasingly discerning over time, it is becoming more challenging than ever to respond to their needs and stay in their top picks. Standalone product development and spreading awareness about the product are not enough. Today’s consumer craves to be understood, craves to be told an interesting and believable story that reflects the brand’s philosophy of making the world a more welcoming place. The latest campaign by Red Label is just about that.

Hindustan Unilever's tea brand has recently launched a campaign that underlines the brotherhood character of the brand. Titled #BreakingBarriers the campaign has been launched in collaboration with online content creator The Better India. The first film of the series is the heartwarming story of true love and brotherhood that stands a testimony to communal harmony. This story is about Mallah village, a remote province in Punjab that has a total population of ten thousand people and only three Muslim families among all. There have been numerous instances quoted and several other haunting stories narrated of the dark memories of the India-Pakistan partition, but this one is a rather happy and heartwarming one.

Riding on the wave of communal harmony, Brooke Bond’s Red Label is leveraging its brand positioning. What is even more exciting is that the campaign is all about curating real stories. You will see actual people from the village narrating their experiences and sharing stories of their brotherhood with a broad smile on their faces.

With the #BreakingBarriers campaign, Red Label has not only highlighted human bonds that soar beyond the borders of religion but has also disrupted its image as a traditional media advertising brand. Unlike previous campaigns, Red Label has launched #BreakingBarriers on digital platforms. This move by Red Label has not only helped the brand have long-format films unlike the less-than-a-minute TVCs, but also opened a scope for social media audience expansion.

Strategic Collaboration:
One of the key reasons behind the success of the campaign is not just the brand name and the involved media spends but also the Channel - The Better India - on which the campaign films are being hosted. The YouTube Channel as such is known for showcasing positive stories about India and hence already has a niche audience. The collaboration with Red Label has only pushed the horizons for the Channel and has also helped Red Label start its journey to establishing a strong and relevant digital brand image.

So far, the brand has only released Chapter One of the proposed five chapter series on digital platforms with no adaptions as TVCs. We look forward to the latter films of the campaign.

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