Antique collection for a vintage look

Antique collection for a vintage look

The dictionary defines the word antiques as a piece of art, or wood art or a decorative object that is made over a hundred years ago. There are people...

The dictionary defines the word antiques as a piece of art, or wood art or a decorative object that is made over a hundred years ago. There are people who have this hobby of collecting antiques. Antique collection could prove to be an expensive but worthwhile hobby. The antiques are pieces of art from earlier period and are priceless and that’s why they at times come at a higher cost. There could be a wide variety of antique items that could attract the antique collectors. Stamps, furniture, jewellery, cars, paintings, clocks, statutes and sculptures; the list is endless.

There are people who collect a certain kind of antique because they find it fascinating. Some collectors want things that are readily available while others collect things that are very hard to find. You may collect antique furniture to furnish your home because it is a wise investment and it looks sophisticated too. Antique collecting can be a relaxing hobby. Searching out desirable items either in antique stores or at online auction sites can be an enjoyable pastime. Visiting local flea markets while traveling can be great fun. Some collectors join a collecting club online or in their neighborhood too.

Period furniture
Nothing adds sophistication to your home quite like antique furniture. Well polished old sofas, beds, tables, chairs, bookcases, cupboards, screens and many more wooden pieces add charm and class to any house. However, care must be taken in apartments to see that large pieces of furniture do not take too much space and end up overwhelming your room. Old leather bound classics are priceless and a joy to own and read if stored and displayed well in antique book cases.

Old photographs
Magnificent pieces of black and white photography and lithographs hold a great attraction for antique collectors. The antique collections of photographs would have pictures from a very old specific era from representing a country’s cultures or history. The collection might include beautiful pieces of photography by some well known photographer or would have beautiful images captured of a very early period, highlighting the culture and trends of that time. The black and white photo adds to the beauty of such photographs. Photographs of your ancestors also tell a lovely tale.

Sculptures and statutes
A beautiful or interesting sculpture or statute strategically placed in the living room can make it a conversation starter. A spotlight directed to it draws the attention of visitors. If you practice collecting antique sculptures or are interested in it, the best source of information about adding more to your collection would be subscribing to the magazines that are available in the market, providing indispensable information about these antique rare pieces. It is also a great investment.

Old coins
Coins can be bought online as well in shops that specialise in sales of these. These can be displayed on an antique coffee table under a glass, strategically placed on a dark piece of felt for best effect.

Antique collection of old guns and cars
Antique gun and vintage cars are becoming more popular day by day. Gun being the boy toy attracts the interest of a lot of men as it is a symbol of pride and power. Especially when it is an antique gun it adds to the status and standard of the antique gun possessor as well. Not only because of the power, pride and status that these guns bring, the thrill associated with them because of them belong to some great legend from the past makes the entire concept even more exciting. If you are new in the field, to be on the safer side spend more time on researching and collecting information and start with relatively small and less expensive antique guns.

Other antiques
Old clocks, watches and pens unveils past history and unravels the mysteries of time long past. Stamps, postcards and old coins give their collectors immense pleasure and a sense of possession, as do pieces of period furniture, old paintings and antique jewellery. As for the ones less fortunate, they can always buy copies at a fraction of the cost of antiques for that unique look.

By: Beyniaz Edulji

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