Revitalise with fresh harvest of winter

Revitalise with fresh harvest of winter

Treat loved ones and yourself to a seasonal spread with fresh flourishes and no-fuss extras and set the healthy mood of joy for the New Year

Treat loved ones and yourself to a seasonal spread with fresh flourishes and no-fuss extras and set the healthy mood of joy for the New Year

Stress soother
Are you constantly in a tizzy and are just unable to cope with stress? Try a sweet potato as it is a great comfort food and acts as a natural stress buster, which automatically composes you. This yummy winter root can calm and heal the adrenaline and tamper down your stress hormone. This winter, sweet potatoes are roasted on coal are sold in the markets.

The more reddish or orange the colour of the flesh of the sweet potatoes, the stronger is their aroma. One can easily add it to your diet as it tastes yummy when steamed or baked with a dash of butter with rock salt. These melting soft sweet potatoes are the unsung heroes of a balanced diet.

Immunity booster
Amla helps your fight against diseases as it helps build up your immunity. Cutting your risk of winter colds and other viruses, this tiny berry has one of the highest sources of Vitamin C. It is one of the world’s richest and cheapest source of Vitamin C and balances stomach acids, strengthens the heart and lungs and is anti-carcinogenic in nature. One can simply add it to their vegetable juices or cut it into tiny pieces, sprinkle some salt, let it dehydrate for a few days and then munch on this between meals.

Ache ender
Everyone knows how great carrots are for the eyes but did you know that it works well as a pain reliever too? According to British scientists, the alpha and beta-carotene present in carrots end your aches and pains as they are anti-inflammatory. Add half a cup of carrots to your diet and you will see a remarkable difference of more agility and fewer aches within ten days. The twinkle in your eyes, the glow in your face and the lustre of your hair is also enhanced by this beta-carotene-rich vegetable. After having seen the power and goodness of this wonderful orange vegetable— carrot goes without saying that you must make it a part of your daily diet. So go ahead and munch these delicious carrots raw or add in your soups, salads, vegetables, sambhars, parathas, pulaos or baked goods.

Bloat blaster
Let turnips turn your bloat around. The easiest way to reduce bloat by flushing out excess fluids and feeling light is by adding turnips as according to Yale University scientists this scrumptious vegetable aids the kidney to flush out excess fluids due to the indoles and pyto-nutrients. Turnips can be sautéed and had as a side vegetable while the sweet small ones are perfect for tossing into salads, sambhars and curries.

Winter is the best time to eat leafy greens as they are freshest this time of the year since they are free of innumerable insects generally found at the end of the summer or monsoons. The healthy Popeye with a can of spinach is not just a myth as it remains one of the most potent of all vegetables in promoting health. Fenugreek (methi), mustard leaves (sarso) and spinach (palak) could be your pathway to reboot your memory and recharge you after the holidays. Scientists at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, discovered that these are rich in sulforaphane. It’s said that this nutrient is the key to immediately

opening up the detox pathways in the liver thus aiding to eliminate toxins accumulated from pesticides, chemicals and other pollutants in less than 72 hours. Leafy greens are versatile so add in vegetables, soups, rotis, parathas, rice, dals, curds chicken and baked goods.

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