Have an elegant dining experience

Have an elegant dining experience

There is nothing quite like fancy table linen to adorn your dining room and make it complete. There are many kinds of tablecloths available these...

There is nothing quite like fancy table linen to adorn your dining room and make it complete. There are many kinds of tablecloths available these days. Basic shapes like round, square, and rectangular tablecloths are available and fit most tables.

If you want something a little dressier, try a table-skirt, with linen that is decorative and frilly, and hangs all the way to the ground. If you have small children and want to make sure that the tablecloth stays on, try the stretch or fitted tablecloth.

If you want to top the tablecloth with even more elegant fabric, table runners and table overlays are best. A table runner is a long table linen that can be used on top of a tablecloth, or alone on a bare table for a clean and classic look.

Table overlays offer an extra layer to your table which is great for broadening your event colour palette or adding depth with an interesting pattern like polka dot, animal print, or even a textured fabric in checks.

Selecting the right table linens for an event
This is entirely based on your personal preference and taste, and also on the type of event. It is a very good idea to select certain table linens for certain types of events. For informal events like small birthday parties or family gatherings, rectangular polyester or inexpensive tablecloths work very well because a rectangular table allows for a lot of guests to sit together and talk while eating.

At night with a candle lit on the table, satin tablecloths shine and make the night special. Formal table skirts and fitted tablecloths are ideal for corporate events as these table linens are perfect for display tables.

Things to look out for while shopping
When shopping for tablecloths, the most important attributes to look out for are tablecloth size, type of fabric and weight. Sizing tablecloths to fit your tables before you buy is very important, as the size of a tablecloth affects the look and feel of your tablescape. When buying tablecloths online, you want to avoid buying a too small tablecloth.

Different styles
Think of the kind of style that you want to present to your guests. For example, long tablecloths that nearly touch the floor are more formal than tablecloths that hang about halfway to the floor. Set a strict budget for yourself because table linens rise in price depending on the quality of materials used.

Real silk will be very expensive as compared to polyester satin. Polyester is more affordable material that is wrinkle resistant and not very absorbent. It’s these properties that make polyester the best tablecloth fabric for most people as drinks spilt can be washed away.

Quality matters
One can feel the difference between high and low-quality table linen products. Even when shopping for standard polyester tablecloths, quality varies greatly. You can determine quality by a table linen’s weight or grams per square meter (GSM), the higher the GSM, the higher will be the quality and price.

Tablecloths need accessories like napkins made of cloth. Placemats add depth to your colour scheme and protect your table linen. Beautiful napkin rings should be added to hold napkins in place. For special occasions, you can also beautify your table with doilies, ribbons, lace and net fabric and lastly add a beautiful vase full of fresh flowers or candles.

By: Beyniaz Edulji

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