Work On Your Inner Being

Work On Your Inner Being

Our state of mind is backed by many functions, thought processes and belief systems. Our heart is a free bird and wants to fly high without any restrictions to achieve our dreams. When a person asks himself these questions s/he is actually restricting his/her free flight to dreams.

Our state of mind is backed by many functions, thought processes and belief systems. Our heart is a free bird and wants to fly high without any restrictions to achieve our dreams. When a person asks himself these questions s/he is actually restricting his/her free flight to dreams.

Is it okay to see dreams?

Can I see those high dreams which look impossible?

Is it rational to see them when I know I cannot achieve them?

Is it realistic to accept that I will be able to achieve my dreams if I believe in them?

I love to stroll around sea every day and that looks simple but is impossible because I am a pilot.

I love to work on my book but I need to earn my living so my most part of the day goes away not doing what I love to do.

Life is not easy. The struggle is at every step.

There is no free lunch anywhere. If you work only then you get paid.

Money is not abundant it is only with those who deserve it.

I will be peaceful only when I retire.

I will be able to do what I love to do when I have ample of time. I don’t have time for vacations right now.

I have narrated some belief systems which are imbibed or made to reside or forced to believe within each one of us. I also tried to narrate our limited thinking by the mind to restrict our heart desires. In all these above there is one thing which is vitally displayed:

We are not sure to live our dreams, we are doubtful on whether we will get what we are born to achieve.
Whether we are really capable to understand that we can achieve our dreams with our capabilities.
A person finds a way to label his life journey as struggle without even being open to changing his belief and question it once.

Whatever is learnt by us in past through our parents, teachers and relatives is the only thing which exists. A limited belief is to believe that there is nothing more beyond that to learn, unlearn or question. When we become so rigid to our thoughts, where will the light of transformation creep in from?

Having said that I am not denying the possibility of the above sentences being true in particular situations but they are not universal truths applicable to all generally, that too in every situation. Most of them are moment or case-specific and have reasons to believe but for others, they are just limiting beliefs that lie to limit their performances in life.

Every belief system is open to challenge and questioning which needs to be applied to each one of them. Once you are open to say, “I am positive about it and I will get a job, which will provide me with an earning and which will help me in writing my book too” and believe in it there is a possibility that the universe helps you knowing your strong intention and get you there.

But if you keep repeating what you do not have or are not able to do, you will never have that or be able to do that. Universe hears your intention as a command to bring that to you. Whether you call it repeating the realistic approach or defining your struggle it just reduces your chance of gaining what you want so why not believe and try once with a very positive state of mind and do what your heart says. At least you will be glad you tried your best to be where you wanted to be in life.

A leap growth, a high jump, a miraculous win, an apparent looking change in anything is not the result of that big transformation but millions of small steps taken on that path. The difference in the way it looks is a result of a bunch of changes and not just one change. A shift of one thought is just a cell of a big shift.

What is a shift?
The way you approach every single way and doing with a new mindset and new procedure to challenge your older view or procedure only will enable you to understand the change. You may say not all things need a change in life. Very true, but you would not know which ones need change unless you apply them to all and then reach a conclusion that these are some which may not require any change. A simple ritual of affirmation which you never tried you may say, “Is it required really? I am a very positive person.” The fact is that when you start doing them within days you find the difference in the way you approach things and the state of mind you carry for everything in life.

Some simple shifts can be reading and enhancing your knowledge on self-development and apply them to see the results and then customise them as per your nature. Not all rules and suggestions are a good fit for all so they need to be well thought, applied and analysed to make it your second nature to let your inner being get acclimatised with the whole idea of working on your inner being.

For seeing a change the first step is to find a valuable change to be made – “Be willing and open to making a change”. If you want inner shift you will need to be open to new ideas and be receptive to apply the new ideas of self-development of the inner being. Unless you are receptive to try them one by one you can’t find a set of them which work for you.

For example, a personal exercise regime will depend on your liking and your bodily need. If you are a person who has long sitting working hours the exercises are different and if you have a lot of running around and field work for your profession you need a balanced breathing and meditation for the same. You may be required to make a customised set of what exercises go best with your time, routine, need and mindset to make it a perfect fit for you.

If you love to do something like dance you may swap some days doing dance instead of your routine of exercises. If you have a stressful job it’s a good idea to spend some time on meditation or inner silence to quieten the noise within. Along with all small things of goodness and kindness and going out of the way for others to help them works wonders for self-development.

Start it step by step and you will keep finding the next step as soon as you are ready for life because –
“A right teacher appears in your life when you are ready to become a student.”

By: Sachi Maheswari

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