Radhika Mahaliangaiah
Radhika Mahaliangaiah

Radhika Mahaliangaiah popularly known as “Betazoid” in the online poker circles is a delightful happy-go-lucky poker player, who discovered her love for the game very recently. 

This 60-year-old journalist was introduced to poker by one of her scrabble buddies and has been hooked to the game ever since.

Why poker?
I play poker because it is a mind game. I had no intention to become a professional as I enjoy the game a lot.

When did you get introduced to the game
A friend of mine who is the co-founder of 9stake suggested that I should just play this game and see if I could learn to cope with my dreams and I started playing and it did help me.

Is poker gambling?
I don’t look at poker as a gambling game. For me, it’s a mind game which makes you think, be alert, etc. 

About Muskan.
Muskan Sethi is really a wonderful girl and she takes it in a very professional as well as casual way. The way she looks at the game is what I found interesting.

Things you do other than poker.
I love travelling and I am also a science journalist. I do a basic science programme for Kannada TV channel and it is mainly about astronomy. 

Poker as a career.
I don’t think poker can be a career for a lot of people. One should have a particular mindset and have a support system to make a career in poker.