You are here to sing only your music

You are here to sing only your music

Feeling of discomfort can be defined as a feeling of the unacceptability of a situation, a person, an event or a state of mind of self. I am not...

Are YOU singing your own music or others?
Are YOU justifying your existence or helplessness?
Are YOU in discomfort?
What is meant by feeling discomfort?

Feeling of discomfort can be defined as a feeling of the unacceptability of a situation, a person, an event or a state of mind of self. I am not talking here of the physical discomfort. Any state of mind changes due to physical discomfort can be ignored.
Why does this feeling of discomfort occur?

This feeling basically occurs when we are not in sync with what we really are. By what we really are I mean the state of peace with the situation, person, event or just like that.

Is there a way to improve the way you feel at discomfort?
Find a way to be peaceful with that situation, person, event or state of your mind through talking to yourself.

Time and out we see people are engaged in doing what they do not love to do. They spend their time in doing what they don’t find interesting. While doing something for most of the time which a person does not like, the first impact is that the state of mind of the person does not emit happiness. When there is less or no happiness for most of the times while you are doing that unwilling job you feel frustrated and exhausted soon.

For those to understand this well I give an example of the table player Zakir Hussain who loves to play table and hence when he practices for a long time also he is effortless to perform or live his profession. Every time you do a job which you love to do it enhances your experience to live and every time you continue doing something you don’t feel like doing, you end up spoiling your state of mind.

A person who is not in a happy state of mind is vulnerable to more sensitivities towards people he likes less or situations he doesn’t warrant to happen in his life or events he finds not in sync with his true nature. Like a person who is a man with fewer words and if he is in a situation where some people are shouting and he has to resolve their situation. He will affect his state of mind as that event is not something which he loves to handle.

A simple way to try and minimise discomforts is to spend maximum time in a day doing something which you love to do. For people who are in professions, they do not like or the job profiles which are completely opposite to their core nature should seriously think of changing their profession or job profiles at least to be in sync with their true identities. This will not only help them go closer to their purpose of life as well as they will find more peace in doing what they are doing in their life.

Rather than showing that helplessness on changing this discomforting situations or finding excuses as to how it is not possible to change the scenario I want to suggest all those who find their work not in consonance with their being to be willing to look through the parameters of moving towards their purpose of life and finding their best jobs. Work on your unsung music first, if it’s still unsung as that’s what you are here for.

“We can justify our existence to this world only by performing what we have been sent to do and what we are equipped to handle effortlessly. Feeling helpless is not at all a solution to keep doing what they don’t love to do anymore. Be sure you are singing your own music and justifying your existence and not helplessness.”

By: Shachi Maheshwari

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