Deciding to become a better person?

Deciding to become a better person?

The very question of “Whether you tried or not?” will bother you every now and then. If you are more a futuristic person you will always justify your...

The very question of “Whether you tried or not?” will bother you every now and then. If you are more a futuristic person you will always justify your futuristic approach saying, “I should not regret not trying this later”. If you are more of a type, who lives in the past person you will always justify your approach saying, “At least I should not regret I made this decision if it goes wrong.”

The justification seems similar but there is a huge difference between the two. One makes you more encouraged to adopt new things and the other infuses fear of blame. The one is finding the opportunity and the other is finding fault with what has been already done. The first is positive and the other is negative. The one is opening new vistas of vision to enter and the other is closing the gates by rejecting some opportunities.

When we find the mind approach which gives us an opportunity to grow they help us to become better. We not only learn in the process something new but we also enhance our experience in seeing the old differently. The horizons are different in which the mind starts working. The temperaments are also varied when a mind happens to adopt arenas which ultimately add value to what we are today. It’s not about what is wrong or right always. But it must always be about what is more growth-oriented and what will give you an experience of enhanced living.

All decisions are ultimately backed by the facts, figures, people, events and experiences on the basis of which they will be taken. A decision which seems correct right now may be wrong next moment as everything is so volatile; so variable. The changes are not just external but also internal. At some phase, a person’s liking may be different and at the other, the same person’s views are different for the same thing. There are constant internal shifts that a person goes through. Those shifts are positive or negative, good or bad, growth-oriented or narrowing down the vision will depend highly on the approach a person adopts in different spheres of his life.

Every answer you give to yourself on any question that confronts you in life should be something which adds value to your yesterday and today. If it does not, then you are actually not expanding your vision to see yourself renounced from bad, reverberated to good, resurrected to live or revived as a person either in understanding or in deeds.

Life is truly a bunch of events and every time we take a decision it will just take 10 minutes whether we do it now or after a week, within a month or after six long years. So every time we take a decision we must understand that a decision should always enhance our understanding that we have come in this world to find opportunities to learn new and accept changes. The decisions and their viability might change every moment but it can’t stop us to play our best in this game called ‘Life’.

“Life must be a dream game and who plays well every moment, is the winner. Winning is not at the end but every moment when you are a better human being than yesterday. So live fully and live fearlessly.“

By: Shachi Maheshwari

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