Rewrite your Karma

Rewrite your Karma

The word “karma” literally means “action.” There are a variety of actions – physical actions, mental actions, emotional actions and energy actions....

The word “karma” literally means “action.” There are a variety of actions – physical actions, mental actions, emotional actions and energy actions. You may not have experienced energy actions, but you will know physical, mental and emotional actions. The residue or the impression of every action that you have performed, from the moment of birth to now, is within you. It is from these impressions that you have made yourself the kind of person you are now.

These impressions are there at the level of your memory, your physiology, your chemistry and on the level of your energy. These are all the backup systems to make sure that you don’t lose your karma. Even if you lose your mind, you will not lose it. If you lose your body, you will not lose it because it is impressed on your very life energies. You will see that the very way in which energy functions differs from person to person. The very way everybody thinks and feels is different.

This is because the kind of impressions they have decides this. Or, in other words, karma means the unconscious software that you wrote for yourself. How you are or what you are is based on the software you wrote for yourself.

Your karmic substance controls the very way you think, feel, understand and perceive life. This does not mean you are stuck. If you function consciously in this moment, you can change the next moment’s karma for yourself. What you did in the previous moment is this moment’s karma. What you did yesterday, you cannot change but what you do now you can always change. You must understand that the kind of action – physical, mental and emotional – you perform this moment, will decide the quality of your life.

If you perform action through your life energies, then we call it kriya. Karma is binding. Kriya is liberating. The moment you perform an action with your life energies instead of your body, mind or emotions, the entire karmic substance becomes loose.

When you take away the foundations of the karmic substance, you move to a new level of freedom within yourself and outside yourself. I have seen any number of people who when they started doing a simple kriya, suddenly became so creative that they started doing things they never imagined possible in their life.

So, if you can create something unconsciously, you can also create the same consciously. If you write it consciously, you will only write a software of wellbeing into yourself. But that is not to freeze the world so that nobody dies, nobody is born or nothing changes.

All this will happen anyway. When you write a software of wellbeing, you know how to go through the process of life and death gracefully, because you have made yourself internally strong. The whole system of what we call as “Inner Engineering” is just to write this software consciously.

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