Fighting chronic kidney disease

Fighting chronic kidney disease

Our body always works to heal. For any disease, if we understand what the causes are and remove them, the body will heal naturally. Our body has many...

Our body always works to heal. For any disease, if we understand what the causes are and remove them, the body will heal naturally. Our body has many reserves. We have two kidneys even though we can do with only one.

The tragedy is that our lifestyles have become so unhealthy that more and more people are suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD), which means they have used up all of the body’s reserves. It is absolutely vital to nip CKD in the bud, before the onset of dialysis, and definitely before one ends up requiring a kidney transplant.

Read on to find out the causes of CKD, and how you can avoid it:

High blood pressure
Kidneys love a good blood supply and high blood pressure inhibits this. CKD is often a result of high blood pressure. SHARAN’s programs are highly effective in reducing blood pressure. Only when your blood pressure normalises without medication does CKD heal.

Just like high blood pressure, diabetes is equally a cause of CKD. Again, SHARAN’s programs are effective in reducing blood sugars. Once the blood sugars return to normal without medicines, the CKD begins to heal.

The liver is responsible for breaking down chemicals, while the kidneys excrete them. Chemicals are always a load on the kidneys, and therefore it’s best to minimise their use. Chemicals in our lives include medications, personal care products (hair dye, deodorants, toothpaste, hand sanitisers, soaps, perfumes, makeup etc), home care products (air freshners, detergents, pest control, phenyl etc), non organic fruits and vegetables, ready to cook processed foods, plastics, artificial sweeteners. We take so many of these things for granted that we forget they are actually stuffed with chemicals.

Excess proteins
Proteins, especially animal proteins, are toxic to the kidneys. Once we bring down the protein load in the body, the kidneys begin to heal.

Inappropriate diet
CKD patients are often advised an intake of dairy, and minimisation of fruits and vegetables because of their high potassium levels. However, in order to heal, our kidneys require high quality nutrients. Fruits and vegetables always assist in healing and should not be minimised. Green smoothies are extremely beneficial. Repeated blood tests to monitor the level of electrolytes while on a SHARAN diet invariably show this to be true.

Acidic foods
Alkaline foods benefit not just our kidneys but our entire body as well. Fruits and vegetables are the most alkaline foods and should be eaten in high quantities. High proteins, tea, coffee, soft drinks, sugar, salt are all acidic and need to be avoided.

Stress rises with both blood pressure and blood sugar, and invariably worsens any chronic condition.

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