Wonderful wardrobes

Wonderful wardrobes

The wardrobe is indeed one of the most important parts of the bedroom. The Nizam of Hyderabad had the world’s largest walk-in wardrobe, which is still...

The wardrobe is indeed one of the most important parts of the bedroom. The Nizam of Hyderabad had the world’s largest walk-in wardrobe, which is still on display. All of us cannot afford such luxury but there are still many options when it comes to wardrobes.

The main choices of wardrobes are:

Traditional Free-Standing
Maybe the most popular type of wardrobe is the traditional free-standing wardrobe. The biggest advantage is its versatility. It is easily movable around the room or even a different room or house. The disadvantage of free standing wardrobes is that even the largest such cupboard can often be short of space inside. Also, some area needs to be left clear in front of the wardrobe for opening the doors. Most often these come in wood finish, which can give a classic and vintage look to your bedroom. There are also plenty of metal, glass and plastic wardrobes available these days.

Most wardrobes fitted flush against the wall have sliding doors. There are many vintages and also modern and sophisticated options now available. The biggest advantage of fitted wardrobes is the extra space you can create in your rooms. These are usually from floor to ceiling so that extra storage can be fitted above your hanging space.

Fitting a sliding door wardrobe into an alcove in a room is a great way to utilise a wasted space. Sliding doors also mean that much space or a clear area does not have to be left in front for opening the doors outwards. A wide range of fitted wardrobes means that you are sure to find different kinds of door finishes to match the decor of your room. But these are not as easy to replace as standing wardrobes. They are not as inexpensive as the free-standing wardrobes either. The higher cost and installation charges are the main disadvantages but the clean, modern finish justifies this choice.

Walk-in wardrobes are the best choice of all when it comes to clothes storage. For people who are really into luxury, fashion and who collect a large amount of clothing over time for each season, these wardrobes can be the perfect solution. A standard walk-in wardrobe would have both storage and hanging space on every side. Some even have a sitting area built in to serve as a dressing area.

These wardrobes are the most versatile of the options available and can be custom designed to the perfect specifications for the owners. In addition to clothes, shoes, scarves, stoles, handbags and even hats and caps have different sections and drawers.

A walk-in wardrobe could be added to a bedroom with a partition or with sliding doors, and even an entire spare room could be converted into a closet area. This is a good option if you don’t like to give away your clothes and accessories as they keep coming back into fashion. The only disadvantage is the higher cost and space needed. You cannot fit into a walk-in wardrobe in a very small apartment or home.

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