Milk causes a number of diseases, and just replacing dairy in your diet with plant-based alternatives is the ideal way to enjoy the foods that you have grown up with, without suffering from the dangers of dairy. If you have not given up dairy yet, why not try it for the next 30 days and experience for yourself its healing powers? 

To find out more about a few conditions you may prevent and reverse by eliminating dairy, read on.

Colds, coughs and sinus
Both Ayurveda and naturopathy recognise milk as mucus forming. Almost everyone who stops consuming dairy will see, after an initial cleansing reaction, that colds, coughs and sinus problems disappear or become less frequent.

Acne is linked to puberty when hormones are changing. But dairy is both full of hormones and fat and therefore promotes acne. Most people notice that their skin becomes soft, clear and even glows after stopping dairy.

Premature puberty & women’s issues
The increase in consumption of dairy has led to a consequential rise of this problem. Diary is laden with growth hormones, and oxytocin. PCOD, menstrual problems and menopausal problems are all linked to dairy intake.

Dairy is one of the biggest causes of type 2 diabetes and is closely linked to type 1 diabetes as well. Dairy contains fat without fibre, hormones, IGF, all of which promote high blood sugar. Thousands of our clients have replaced dairy with fruit and experienced a significant drop in their blood sugars!

Breast and prostate cancer
These are amongst the most common cancers seen today, and they are hormone-dependent. Dairy is full of hormones. The growth in dairy consumption has seen a rise in the incidence of both these cancers.

Colon cancer
All animal products including dairy lack fibre. Fibre cleanses the intestines and is necessary for an easy bowel movement. Lack of fibre causes constipation and the absorption of toxins causing colon cancers.

High protein foods cause excess acid secretion in the stomach leading to acidity. Contrary to popular belief, stopping dairy actually helps reverse acidity and ulcers. The conventional home remedy, cold milk, may neutralise the acid temporarily but ends up maintaining the cycle of acidity.

Milk is the food for a baby calf to grow into its full size in just 18 months. It's replete with growth hormones. One of the biggest causes of the obesity epidemic so prevalent today is the consumption of dairy in concentrated forms, such as cheese, paneer and sweets.

Asthma and allergies
Stop dairy and other high proteins and watch allergies gradually disappear in months!

Dairy with its lack of fibre can cause severe constipation. This can be reversed with a high fibre plant-based diet.

Depression and anxiety
In order to produce dairy, cows are made repeatedly made pregnant and their babies are taken away from them. They are often kept confined in extremely stressful conditions. This causes adrenaline secretion, which ultimately ends up in our bodies and fills us with stress and anxiety too.

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