The season’s special fare

By Rajeshwari Kalyanam | THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 20,2019 , 02:15 AM IST

The season’s special fare
It was not very long ago that ITC Kakatiya’s speciality restaurant K&K launched its chef’s special menu that featured kebabs with a touch of classic and a dash of creativity. Coinciding with the winter months, Sous Chef Kunal recreated some of the favourites from the chef’s special promotion and added new ones to give the guests more choice over the regular menu.  

Haryali Murgh tikka is a takeoff from the pahadi murgh marinated in green masala with mint and coriander plus chef’s favourite ingredient, the green chillies, then there is the pomfret, with just a little oil brushed upon it before being grilled, the melt in the mouth soya kebab which had little chunks of soy for the bite as is found in the lamb galouti, tarare jhinge, which again gets the taste from the Hyderabadi green chillies, the nadru (lotus stem) kebab which magically turned into a melt in the mouth recipe in chef’s kitchen, aloo chowk ki tikki, pathar ka gosht – a right mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs, just what you need as seasonal treats.

The menu is available through the month of January, and while you are at it, do try the Chooza Biryani – made from a small chicken weighing not more than 450g, stuffed with chicken mince and eggs, and cooked with spices and saffron in a covered handi. The flavours evenly soaked in by the rice and the tender chicken make for a taste of goodness in each morsel of this divine dish.

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