Set right the intention to never be in tension

Set right the intention to never be in tension

Out of a lot of expressions which human beings have, one of them is worrying about something As a human being is given mind to think, he thinks its...

Out of a lot of expressions which human beings have, one of them is worrying about something. As a human being is given mind to think, he thinks it’s their right to ponder about everything which is around them. Even if the matter is not of importance, the mind tends to think about it and tries to find a reason or logic with an attitude that we might need this knowledge in life. Everything which comes the way we pick up thinking that we might need it later. Sometimes it is dangerous because we end up exhausting our hard disk called brain with so much data which happens to be useless.

I wonder we were ever taught about being choosy in picking up the information around us.

  • We want to hear everything
  • We want to know everything
  • We want to make our brain a party to all conversations

Whether needed or not: We have overloaded our brain with maximum work and over and above that we try to find a connection between the information and how to use it. In that process, the mind remains so occupied that sometimes we really can’t think about things we need to resolve and work on to get results. For example, a person who is struggling with a relationship overhears his friend making a comment on the behavioural mess done by another person in another relationship and this data is now added to his struggling mind making him more confused about action.

We concentrate on collecting data so much that we tend to miss the most important part of life which is focusing on intention in life. The intention of being a good human with wonderful relationships is one intention which should drive all other things in life. Most of the people today are in tension because of personal, professional, social, practical, emotional aspects of life; the reason being that they sometimes forget to focus on the intention.

A person who is in tension because his child is not doing well should think how he can help and groom the child better so that he can handle his life in future in a better way and there ends his duty. After all, we all are the children of this universe first; though we have come through our parents to this world. An intention of helping others to gain is the only way to put our positive intention to work and not by worrying or being in tension. Next time when you are in tension simply re-focus on your intention and find peace within yourself by saying out and loud:

“I am here to help all around me to grow and succeed and I should do that to the best of my ability. I now put my intention to the same and bless him or her to achieve progress in life.”

By making your part of effort you can actually free your mind by the unnecessary churn of worrisome vibes and be more peaceful. Sending worry energy is anyway not so positive for anyone because you are thinking that the other person will not be able to achieve it. So, stop doing that immediately. God has sent us all with a purpose and plan in mind and we are all here to accomplish our plan along with helping others to grow and progress in the journey. If we are able to do that to the best of our intentions and efforts, we are doing great in life to help this universe in every way.

Because: “Intention adds value to the goals and helps it to achieve rather than tension, which adds negative energy and doubt of non-performance.”

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