Is the genration Z fearing Robots taking over their lives? Check what survey says
Is the genration Z fearing Robots taking over their lives? Check what survey says

As the progression is seen rapidly on Robot driven cars in silicon valley, the generation z seems to be much worried about the machines taking control of human tasks.

Silicon Vlley celebrates artificial intelligence and robotics as fields that have the power to improve people's lives, through inventions like driverless cars and robot carers for the elderly.

The message had spread through out the country, where more than 70% of Americans express wariness or concern about a world where machines perform many of the tasks done by humans.

The findings have wide-reaching implications for technology companies working in these fields and indicates the need for greater public hand holding.

whereas the ordinary people are very wary and concerend about the growing trend in automation and place a lot of value in human decision making. the research surveyed more than 4,000 US adults. They are not incredibly excited about machines taking over those respoinsibilities.

Pew gauged public perception of automation technologies presenting respondents with four scenarios, including the development of completely driverless cars, a future in which machines replace many human jobs; the possibility of fully autonomous robot carers; and the posibility that a computer program could evaluate and select a job candidates with no human oversight.

Recently according to the findings, 72% of Americans are very or somewhat worried about a future where robots and computers are capable of performing many human jobs-more than double the 33% of people who were enthusiastic about the prospect. Seventy- six per cent  are concerened that automation of jobs will exacerbate economic inequatilty and a similar share 75% anticipate that the economy will not create many new, better - paying jobs for those humans workers who lose their jobs to machines.

Three quarters of Americans expect that machines doing humans jobs will increase inequality between the rich and the poor.

They believe that a small number of people do well and everyone else loses their jobs to the robots.

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