Steven Hickson hacks Snapchat's new human verification system

Steven Hickson hacks Snapchat

Snapchat's New Human Verification System Hacked

Washington: Photo-sharing service Snapchat's latest feature that attempts to protect the service against bot accounts had been reportedly hacked by a developer in flat 30 minutes.
Steven Hickson hacked the recent human verification system that requires new users to identify pictures that contain the company's ghost logo out of a collection of images.

Snapchat's New Human Verification System Hacked
According to Mashable, Hickson has claimed that the system, touted to provide an extra layer ofsecurity, was vulnerable to easy hacking as he was able to write a program to identify the ghost images automatically.
The graduate research assistant at Georgia Tech took an image of Snapchat's logo, then built a program that can identify certain points on the logo and match them to the images in the test.
Hickson explained that with very little effort, his code was able to "find the ghost" in the given set of logos with 100 percent accuracy.
Snapchat provides photo-sharing service in which, the shared photos are automatically deleted from the server after a limited time, measured in less than a minute, and recently, the site experienced a major hack in which 4.6 million of its accounts and phone numbers were leaked online.

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