Smart gun that thinks before shooting

Smart gun that thinks before shooting

Smart Gun That Thinks Before Shooting

New York: Would you believe if told there is a smart gun that thinks before shooting?

There is one. In an effort to reduce gun violence, suicides and accidental shootings in the US and other countries, a German company Armatix has invented 'iP1' - the first smart gun.

To make it work, wear a black waterproof watch that comes as an accessory when you buy the smart gun.

Electronic chips inside the gun and the watch communicate with each other.

If the watch is within close reach of the gun, a light on the grip turns green. It is time to shoot.

No watch means no green light. The gun becomes a dead paperweight, said a Washington Post report.

Armatix uses RFID chips which can be found on anti-theft tags attached to expensive clothing.

Not just Armatix, the New Jersey Institute of Technology is using sensors to recognise users’ grips and grasping behaviours.

Kodiak Arms, a Utah company, is taking pre-orders for its Intelligun which is unlocked with fingerprints.

Other companies are using voice recognition.

Yardarm, a California start-up, uses a smartphone app to notify gun owners of a weapon’s movement. Users can even remotely disable their weapons, added the report.

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