Wristband uses your pulse as password

Wristband uses your pulse as password

Wristband Uses Your Pulse As Password

Washington: A new hi-tech wristband reportedly uses the wearer's pulse as a password to authenticate a number of devices and applications.
Startup Bionym has developed Nymi, a wristbandthat uses wearer's pulse to authenticate devices and applications that require iron-clad security.

According to TechHive, Bionym has been developing iOS and Android apps for things likepassword management, car and computer access, and even a Bitcoin wallet and using pulse authentication could make using all these things a lot easier.
The Nymi bracelet uses dual electrodes, integrated into the clasp, to take the wearer's pulse when they touch the clasp for a few seconds.
The device also includes an accelerometer and a gyroscope , and fitness apps are in the works too.
D'Souza noted that the sensors could also be used for gesture recognition, so one could incorporate movement triggers into the authentication process, the report added.

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