Apple TV made over $1bn revenue in 2013

Apple TV made over $1bn revenue in 2013

Apple TV Made Over $1bn Revenue in 2013

Washington: Apple CEO Tim Cookreportedly announced that their Apple TV unit, a product touted to be a 'hobby,' made more than a billion dollars of revenue last year.
At Apple's annual gathering of shareholders, Cook said that the product was more than a "hobby" and the revenue includes content sales, like movies and TV shows, and not just hardware sales of its set-top-box.According to Cnet, the billion-dollar-figure revenue indicated that the product was getting attention from consumers.

Apple TV Made Over $1bn Revenue in 2013
A little over a year ago, Cook announced that in the first quarter of the 2013 fiscal year, the company sold more than 2 million Apple TVs, up from 1.4 million a year before.
Apple recently announced that it was entering new product categories this year, which could possibly include the long-awaited full-fledged Apple TV set.

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