Head & Tail of Technology

Head & Tail of Technology

Head & Tail of Technology. 21st century is the century of Technology or I would say more precisely we all are associated with the technology one or other way!! Basic aim behind the technology is to make our lives Faster, Better & Easier.

21st century is the century of Technology or I would say more precisely we all are associated with the technology one or other way!! Basic aim behind the technology is to make our lives Faster, Better & Easier. Technology steps in all the sectors, whether it is small or big, like Pharma Industries, Agriculture, Research, Space, Automobile, Banking, Sales & Marketing, and many more. There is a constant up gradation occurring in the existing technology and newly innovative technology being launch in the market. Personally, I have very high remarks for those genius minds for their hard work and innovative ideas, because of their perseverance and passion our lives become smoother than what was. But, Dose these technologies indeed beneficiary for long term?? The real concern about its right usage in our lives. I would like to share my personnel concern and opinion about the Head & Tail of the technology.

Let me start the topic with, very prime example of the technology. Calculator, i think we all are quite acquainted and use to of very simplest form of the technology in our routine lives. Invention of calculator is really good tool for solving complex mathematical problems in short period of time. But, this technology bring devil along with it!! That is we have stopped doing brain exercise to solve even simple mathematical sums, multiplication or division! and being more and more dependent on the calculator. I was more surprised to see that even primary school students have been started to use computer to solve their mathematical problems. School student are being more technology oriented and dependent!! Majority of the cases parents play a key role to make their kids mentally handicapped by easy excess of the technology. It is parents responsibility to keep eye on their kids and their activities and restricted excess of the technology as much possible as they can. I think by this way their kids can start doing mantel exercise ultimately on the long go, it will beneficiary to their children only. We can nurture our young brains.

Computer, which is omnivores and we all are associated with it directly or indirectly. Of course, there are thousands of merits but we should not ignore the demerits too. Advantages (Head parts) of this technologies we all knows better, so i am not talking about it, but i would like to talk about the disadvantages (Tail Parts) that one should not be ignore. In the era of technocrat world, computer is easily accessible to the children. The knowledge of computer and its software to our children is indeed required, but children started misuse of the freedom of their parent and spends maximum of their time on the internet browsing, social networking site and more surprisingly on the pornographic sites!! Many of the children started their own social network group and they are not mixed in the society they live. They have build up their own world and become more conservative with contaminated to their own social group. Even, I have seen majority of the children don’t go for the outdoor games!! Either they sat on TV or Computer, which really ruin their physical growth. Sometime they even don’t know their close relatives and surrounding socio-economic culture!!

Communication is indeed requirement for our life. In past ten years telecommunication grows exponentially. Cell phone a very common instruments now and being rapidly up graded example of the technology. It’s really indeed requirement at the time of emergency (Head parts), but my real concern about being misuse of mobile phone (Tail Parts). Now a day’s every one start using cell phone in our routine life even kids and school students are also not omitted from the list!! Parent usually give cell phone to their children for their safety and at the time of emergency children can contact their parent. But, do our children use this facility in the right way? Playing games on the phone, watching porn sites and being engaged with their friend are the very common examples of misuse of mobile phone. More over many children are being addicted to mobile phone which may be warning alarm for the parent about their children growth. It is solely parent responsibility to educate their child about the technology and correct usage of it for betterment of their live.

Television is become one of the family member in our lives!! It’s very hard to find the home without television. There are many good programmes being telecast on the TV, even though it’s become nuisance for many of us. Kids spend lot of time on TV cartoon channel, serials and reality shows. They are not being focus on their study. Many of them doing their home work, reading, dinner according to their favourite programme telecasting time table. Even I am not agreeing with those parents who allow watching certain programme at particular time. Because of this children mind biologically set for all that hours before and after the show, resulting they can’t come out immediately from the programme which is being telecast of was already been telecast. As a result, children cannot concentrate on their study properly.

I have talk about only few of the technology and mostly all of them are very intimacy with life. Of course I am not against of any technological revolution or any of the technology. But it’s our responsibility to see the tail parts of these technology and they are used optimally for our better, faster and brighter future. We have to educate our children about the technology timely manner. But, we have to keep close eye on them for right usage of the technology.

This is my self centric view on the technology and I am not the critic of technology.

Rushikesh Shukla

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