How Technology is enabling the Growth of HealthCare Startups

How Technology is enabling the Growth of HealthCare Startups

Only a few decades ago, technological advancements were an elite phenomenon and only some sectors were receiving inputs from that end, not to mention anything remotely related was extremely expensive

Only a few decades ago, technological advancements were an elite phenomenon and only some sectors were receiving inputs from that end, not to mention anything remotely related was extremely expensive.

Cut to a few years and our lives are primarily driven by technology, everything we do is online, and there is an app or a device that can make everything easy. Food ordering apps, online doctor, household services, it is all only a few taps away- and most of it is extremely cheap if not free.

Every sector, from the food industry to the textile industry, is reaping the benefits of the many ways in which technology is transforming lives and economic trends. Healthcare is one of the many fields which have immense potential for growth, simply because the demands are extremely high and not going to get any lower even though they may change in nature.

With the excellent ideas that are coming up and shaping entrepreneurship and its culture, the healthcare industry is also seeing new twines and branches, converging and diverging at the same time.

Given below are some of the ways in which technology is enabling the growth of a new culture for the healthcare startups.

  1. Making medical reports much smarter

Smarter medical reports would be those in which all information relevant to a patient’s condition is in one place. This includes medical bills, history, recommended therapy, patient records, inventory, report generation, diagnosis of reports and conclusions of tests, and more.

There have been developments in technology to simplify this and startups have come up in the recent times to fill this space and utilize management information systems which focus on healthcare providers as well as on patients.

This allows for them to have a clear coordination point and share information at all times. By making applications that are the one-stop destination for all medical information of a patient, medical reports have been made much smarter thanks to the startups taking this initiative.

  1. Instant support from medical professionals

Startups have obviously taken the hint from telemedicine and realized that making expert care available for people easily and quickly has immense potential. There are several platforms ranging from websites to apps which allow patients to interact with expert medical professionals in real time.

They offer services like online doctor free chat over a healthcare app and easy consultation. This makes it possible for patients to avoid trips to the doctor when possible, and also allows them to book online doctor appointments.

  1. Detecting breast cancer without any pain

A Bangalore based startup called Nirmai has developed an amazing and really useful a cancer screening test which is capable of helping in diagnosing breast cancer in very early stages.

The artificial intelligence developed by the startup is capable of identifying lumps and knots in the breast much smaller than what can be spotted in a physical examination with its screening device. With this service, startups have also made a mark in cancer prevention.

  1. Providing medical education

It is no surprise that educational information is being made available to people in ways which are practical and fit for use. This is being done with the help of assistance from artificial intelligence that is serving as a personal nurse for some and a reminder service for others.

Information is being made available about how the medication affects the body and how medical treatments and therapies work on the body. This information is helpful for those who are undergoing treatment or those trying to learn and make educated choices, as it is only when a person truly understands what is happening to their body that they feel like they can be confident enough to make a choice.

  1. Bringing doctors to patients

For a long time, in fact from the beginning of the medical profession, patients have been rushing to doctors, queuing up for their turn while their body suffers. In extreme cases as well, calling an ambulance is the most natural seeming option; while doctor’s visiting fees are exorbitant and unbearable.

However, with applications and startup technologies that enable booking doctors at the touch of a finger, things have changed. Moreover, these services have been made possible at substantially lower prices and therefore truly inhabit the space of convenience.

  1. Transforming Bio care and genomic medicine

Genomic medicine is expected to completely take over medicine in a decade or so, as it aims to create medicines which are personalized as per the needs of the patients and sits well with their specific genetic information. By attempting to understand specific cases of patients, startups working in the field are developing medicines for patients which work for their body composition without any flaws.

Stem cell therapy is something similar but not genome sequencing, it allows the regeneration of bodily organs which is why it is also called regenerative therapy. Many hospitals across India use the breakthrough treatment in India which is developed by a startup and started only a little over 10 years ago.

These are only some of the ways in which technology has boosted the healthcare startup business; there are many more ideas which are coming to life with the help of technology. It is only a matter of time until all probable services we can imagine can truly become consumer-centric, as startups change the game not only in the field of healthcare but everywhere.

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