Google Maps feature allows reporting a road accident or a crash
Google Maps feature allows reporting a road accident or a crash

Google Maps feature allows reporting a road accident or a crash 

Google is well known to keep testing new features in its apps before they roll out to the users. One such feature has been seen by some users of Google Maps. The application that has over a billion downloads was spotted testing a feature that would allow you to report a road accident or a crash. 

So how does it matter to the users?

It has been disclosed that Maps will gather the crash information given by end users and will crowdsource them only to show it to the rest of the world, alerting about the possible traffic jams and bottlenecks that are created on the road because of the crash. 

So that the users can take an alternate route to reach your destination without getting stuck in traffic and reach on time. As spotted by one of the users and reported by Android Police, the crash/accident can be reported by using a button displayed at the end of the screen. It is also possible to report for speed traps, something you don’t see as often as car accidents. 

The user who found this feature told, “You can only notify of a speed trap if you are being directed by the map. I don't need directions around where I live, but that means I can't map a speed trap. Waze, let's you notify of speed traps even when it's not directing you. Australia, Android. Am I wrong? I hope I'm wrong,” 

It has also been said that this specific feature is as of now is only available while in navigation mode. However, once it does eventually get a public roll out it might be visible outside the particular mode.

In addition, earlier this month Google Maps also allow its users to choose a light or dark theme. Till now the app automatically used to adopt the colour scheme depending on the time of the day.

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