Top 17 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features of Your Vivo X21

Top 17 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features of Your Vivo X21

Vivo X21 has become one of the most popular smartphones in India With its indisplay fingerprint reader, powerful Snapdragon 660 processor and allglass construction, Vivo X21 offers an exceptional performance overall

Vivo X21 has become one of the most popular smartphones in India. With its in-display fingerprint reader, powerful Snapdragon 660 processor and all-glass construction, Vivo X21 offers an exceptional performance overall.

Let’s take a look at the best features of Vivo X21.

Notifications and display

  • Always on Display – X21 comes with an AMOLED screen that supports ‘Always on Display’. To set it up, go to ‘Lock screen, home screen and wallpaper’ category in ‘Settings’. Tap on it, and go to ‘Always on Display’ to turn it on. You will also be able to choose a clock face under this setting.
  • Battery percentage and network speed – Vivo X21 features inbuilt battery percentage and network speed indicator. You have to go to ‘Status bar and notification’ tab under ‘Settings’, and enable ‘Network speed’ and ‘Battery percentage’ from there.
  • Night mode – The operating system offers an inbuilt blue light filter to reduce eye strain when you are using your phone at night. To turn this feature on, you need to switch on the ‘Eye Protection’ under ‘Display and Brightness’ in the ‘Settings’ menu. You can also program it to power on automatically in the ‘Set time’ segment under the same menu.

Gestures and controls

  • Gestures for navigation – Vivo X21 supports gesture-based navigation. Go to ‘System navigation’ under ‘Settings’, and switch on the ‘Navigation gestures’. You will see 3 bars in place of the buttons.
  • Palm capture – Another Vivo X21 feature is taking a picture by showing your palm at the lens. You will find this option in the camera settings. It is especially useful if you cannot reach the shutter button when taking a selfie.

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  • Live photos – This model from Vivo allows you to record short video clips and use them as live photos. You don’t need to change any settings for this. Simply tap on ‘LIVE PHOTO’; it is a circular icon, third from the right.
  • Camera voice control – X21 supports voice control even in the camera app. You can use voice command like “Cheese” to take a picture. Switch on this setting in the camera app, tap on the gear icon on the top right side, and select voice from the third row.
  • AR stickers – Vivo X21 features AR sticker inbuilt with its camera. You will find it on the ‘AR STICKERS’ segment right above the shutter button. Tap on the smiley at the corner and select the sticker you want.

Access and security

  • Face unlock – Apart from the in-display fingerprint reader and the password protection, Vivo X21 also has face unlock feature. You can set it up in the ‘Fingerprint, face and password’ category under ‘Settings’. Tap on ‘Face’, and then, tap on ‘Add a face’ to set up your facial match.
  • App lock – X21 offers the feature to lock individual apps with your fingerprint or face recognition. Go to ‘Privacy and app encryption’ under ‘Fingerprint, face and password’, and select the apps which you want to lock. You can also use a password to secure it.
  • Blur recent apps – Vivo X21 offers a feature to blur specific apps in the ‘Recent’ menu. Go to ‘Recent apps’ under ‘more settings’, and enable the ‘Blur Display’ option. You will find a list to select apps to blur.
  • Phone number identifier – X21 comes with a pre-loaded phone number identifier that gives information about a caller if you do not have that number saved. It searches the internet to match the number and shows you the data.
  • Go to ‘Online recognition of strange numbers’ under ‘Phone’ settings. Tap on the list and turn on ‘Online recognize unknown number’.
  • Inbuilt call recorder – You can set up the device to record all calls or calls from a certain contact. Head over to ‘Phone’, ‘Record settings’. You can either select ‘Record all calls automatically’, or select ‘Custom’ and add those numbers inside the menu.
  • Inbuilt screen recording – Vivo X21 comes with inbuilt screen recorder. Pull up the control centre and select ‘S-capture’. Tap on ‘Record Screen’ to start the process.


  • Change fingerprint reader animation – You can change the unlock animation of the fingerprint reader. Go to ‘Fingerprint, face and password’, select ‘Fingerprint’ and ‘Animation styles’ under it. You will find the available styles there.
  • Clone apps – Vivo X21 offers the facility to create a secondary version of an app. Select the ‘App Clone’ settings and enable the toggle next to the apps you want to duplicate.
  • Dedicated messaging split-screen – Another innovative feature of this phone is the split screen for messaging applications. To enable this feature, go to ‘Smart Split’, then ‘Message screen splitting’ and toggle it on.

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Therefore, make the best utilisation of your Vivo X21 with all these hidden features, tips and tricks.

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