Court orders Italian govt to publicise cellphone risks

AP |   Jan 20,2019 , 01:03 PM IST

Court orders Italian govt to publicise cellphone risks
 A consumers’ group says an Italian tribunal has ordered a public information campaign about the possible health risks of cellular and cordless phones.

The Lazio region’s administrative tribunal ruled that Italy’s health, environment and education ministries must begin the campaign within six months about the phones’ proper use.

Consumer advocacy group A.P.P.L.E. had argued in court that improper use causes exposure to electromagnetic fields that are particularly harmful to children.

The tribunal, based in Rome, was closed on Wednesday evening. A.P.P.L.E. made available a copy of the ruling, which was published Tuesday.

In 2017, a different Italian court ruled that improper, long-term use of a company-issued cell phone caused an employee’s non-cancerous brain tumour.

Scientific studies in several countries have produced inconsistent findings on cell phones and brain tumours.

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