Editing tools for Instagram photos
Editing tools for Instagram photos

Taking the picture is just the first step of making your Instagram account popular. But to make it, you don’t need simple images; all the accounts that are trending have something in common – captivating images.

Even if you want to buy IG followers, you will have to keep them by giving them posts that hold the eye captive. They have to get something out of what you are posting.

Therefore, retouch your pictures well. To do this, choose the best app to get it right. There are so many photo editing apps on the market that it may sometimes feel overwhelming to choose the right one.

We have selected the top apps to give you an easy time. But before you even choose the apps, it is important to learn how to edit photos for Instagram in the apps.

How to edit IG photos

There are six important steps in coming up with a photo of your desire in any app as highlighted below.

Step 1: Quality shot

It will not matter the tool you use if your photo is already bad. For this reason, consider starting with quality photos, check the background, adjust the light settings, find the right lighting and so on.

Step 2: filter

After taking the pictures, the next step is filtering. Try to find the perfect filters that are easier and workable for you. Some filters are more popular, but the choice still depends on the individual.

Step 3: Lux adjustment

This is all about getting the right contrast and exposure. Click the sun icon to get hold of this feature and adjust the lux accordingly. Add dimensions and make the features of the photo clear.

Step 4: Check all other settings

You are not done yet; the edit button on the bottom-right side of the picture opens a window for more edits.  Use it to add a vignette effect, increases contrast and sharpness, and scale saturation among other features.

Step 5: Separate multi-images for editing individually

Each photo is taken for a specific purpose. When creating a multi-picture post, it is advisable that edit each photo separately. Click on the Venn diagram icon to bring out each photo.

Step 6: Now post

This is the final step. Simply click next and add your caption. After this, click back and then press the back arrow. You will be prompted to either post or save for later. The choice is on you.

Editing tools

Now that you know how to edit, the following as the editing apps you should check out.


VSCO is both a tool and at the same time a social time. It is among the most favorite tools among top Instagrammers. It has the best filters, included free downloads and features. The premium version has more to offer though.

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